Project Jeep CJ-7

Project Jeep CJ-7

A number of years ago, I got the Jeep bug.  I even know when and where I was when the bug hit me.  I preparing to build something for the offroad, maybe a Toyota FJ-40 or an early Toyota pickup with a solid front axle, maybe a Jeep or a Scout.  I wasn’t sure.  Then one trip with a friend and a large group of Jeeps did it for me.  I was hooked on Jeep.  CJ-7 in fact.  Something about the CJ-7 was calling to me.

So I started looking for an early CJ-7.  Then I met a guy named Bob Norris.   To the dismay of his neighbors, Bob’s backyard was a Jeep Junkyard.   His backyard was full of Jeeps and Scouts, Jeep parts, frames, body parts and various other automotive related items.  Best of all Bob was motivated to sell a good deal of it for a decent price.  It was perfect timing for me.  So I set out to make up my shopping list and weekend after weekend, I drove away from his house with a trailer and truck full of parts for my Jeep project.

Jeep CJ-7


As I worked day after day, week after week on this Jeep, I took thousands of photos and wrote about it.  What ended up being several years of work and design was documented here.  I wanted a Jeep that was as close to stock as possible for a ’78 CJ-7 except with a good number of upgrades to replace what would be weak stock parts.  That included must of the drive train, which now consists of an AMC 360 with a Truck Avenger Carb, T-18A manual Transmission, Dana 20 with Teralow gears and locked Dana 44 axles from and rear.

 If you’ve got the same ambitions as I had with building a Jeep, the articles of this project may be helpful or at least entertaining.  Having invested the time and money into this Jeep, I can look back and say that building it was just as much fun as wheeling it.

My only regret is that I built it TOO Nice!  It pained me to get it covered in mud or bounce it off the rocks or drag it across tree branches and underbrush on the trail.  I set off to build a beater and instead I built a show Jeep.  Oh well.  Anyone have a beat up flat fender for sale?  🙂  Thanks for stopping by!

Project CJ-7

Project CJ-7
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Project CJ-7 Skid Protection
Project Jeep CJ-7

Armored Skid Plate

May 26, 2017 Offroaders Staff Editor 0

Project CJ-7Armoring the Skid PlateConverting a Dana 300 Skidplate for a Dana 20An ounce of prevention is worth a few pounds of steel.  After hearing stories of mashed drive trains and flattened cross member skid […]

Project CJ-7 Swaybar
Project Jeep CJ-7

Daystar Swaybar Bracket Upgrade

May 17, 2017 Offroaders Staff Editor 0

Project Jeep CJ-7Daystar Swaybar Bushings Tip…When swapping out your stock CJ swaybar bushings with the Daystar Swaybar Bushings, here’s a Tip – Use the CJ bracket!  Here’s why…First off, upgrading your sway bar bushings from […]

Jeep CJ-7 Dana 44 Axle Swap
Project Jeep CJ-7

Dana 44 Front Axle

May 12, 2017 Offroaders Staff Editor 0

Project Jeep CJ-7  Scout II Dana 44 AxlesSwapped onto a CJ-7 FrameDisassembling the Scout II  Dana 44 Front AxleAfter acquiring the Dana 44 axles I also picked up a Dana 30 narrow track front axle […]

Jeep CJ-7 Dana 44 Rear Axle Swap
Project Jeep CJ-7

Dana 44 Rear Axle

May 12, 2017 Offroaders Staff Editor 0

Project Jeep CJ-7  Scout II Dana 44 Axles Swapped onto a CJ-7 Frame     The Scout II Dana 44 Rear AxleSpring Pad angle recorded and spring pads removed.  Inspection of differential and rear drum brakes.By […]

Jeep CJ-7 Axle Swap Custom Front Spring Hangers
Project Jeep CJ-7

Front Spring Hangers

Project Jeep CJ-7   Scout II Dana 44 Axles Swap onto a CJ-7 FrameNew Custom Fabricated HangersFront Springs – Front HangersThe front hangers were a little easier to design than the rear hangers.  Mainly because they […]

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  1. Nice Jeep! I’ve read your writeup before on offroaders. Well documented. I took a few ideas from you with my TJ buildup. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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