Project Jeep CJ-7

Project Jeep CJ-7

Jeep CJ-7A number of years ago, I got the Jeep bug.  I even know when and where it was when it hit me.  I was setting up to build something for the offroad, maybe a Toyota FJ-40 or an early Toyota pickup with a solid front axle, when one trip with a large group of Jeeps did it for me.  I was hooked.

So I started looking for an early CJ-7.  Then I met a guy named Bob Norris.  Bob’s backyard was a Jeep Junkyard.  To the dismay of his neighbors, his backyard was full of Jeeps, Jeep parts, frames, body parts and various other automotive related items.  Best of all Bob was motivated to sell a good deal of it for a decent price.  It was perfect timing for me.  So I set out to make up my shopping list and weekend after weekend, I drove away from his house with a trailer and truck full of parts for my Jeep project.

As I worked day after day, week after week on this Jeep, I took thousands of photos and wrote about it.  What ended up being several years of work and design was documented here.  I wanted a Jeep that was as close to stock as possible for a ’78 CJ-7 except with a good number of upgrades to replace what would be weak stock parts.  That included must of the drive train, which now consists of an AMC 360 with a Truck Avenger Carb, T-18A manual Transmission, Dana 20 with Teralow gears and locked Dana 44 axles from and rear.

 If you’ve got the same ambitions as I had with building a Jeep, the articles of this project may be helpful or at least entertaining.  Having invested the time and money into this Jeep, I can look back and say that building it was just as much fun as wheeling it.

My only regret is that I built it TOO Nice!  It pained me to get it covered in mud or bounce it off the rocks or drag it across tree branches and underbrush on the trail.  I set off to build a beater and instead I built a show Jeep.  Oh well.  Anyone have a beat up flat fender for sale?  🙂  Thanks for stopping by!

Project CJ-7

Project CJ-7
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  1. Nice Jeep! I’ve read your writeup before on offroaders. Well documented. I took a few ideas from you with my TJ buildup. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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