• Mud Tire Reviews

    Tire Size Guide – Does it Hit or Fit?

    The data below is derived from research, readers rigs, feedback by readers and from direct experience with vehicles we’ve owned over the years.  Not all possible 4×4 vehicles are listed nor are all possible combinations. [...]
  • Mud Tire Reviews

    How To Choose the Right Mud Tire

     ★★★ No Nonsense breakdown on shopping for Mud Tires ★★★ All of the manufacturers want you to believe that they have THE best off-road tire on the market so they can get your business.  So how [...]
  • Dusty Trails Blog

    Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Responder

    Jeep show events are fantastic place to checkout some of the greatest one-of-a-kind ideas and innovations in offroad.  Whether the ideas are home brewed modifications or corporate sponsored prototype designs, it’s one of the things that makes a Jeep [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    25 Essential Tips Before Venturing Offroad

    Thinking about taking off on an off-road adventure?  Whether you’re heading down an old logging trail or into the outback, preparation for the trip should start long before you set the navigation system to route you [...]
  • Technical & Info

    Tire Tech 101: Wheel Terminology

    Offset: The distance from the centerline of the wheel to the face of the mounting surface of the wheel that contacts the hub.Negative offset: Indicates the mounting pad is behind (or inboard) the centerline of [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    Wiring Tips: Using Relays

     Things to THINK about When Wiring Accessories…When wiring anything in your vehicle that draws heavy current such as high powered offroad lights or audio amplifiers, there are a few things to consider. Number one, make sure [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    Avoid the Exploding Clutch

    DEPARTMENT OF: Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips …Exploding Clutch – Why you should not coast down-hill with a disengaged clutch!  Greetings: I wanted to share with you an experience of mine with an off-road vehicle recently. I [...]
  • Mud Tire Reviews

    How to Pick the Right Tires for your Truck

    Selecting or buying truck tires is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your truck, but making that decision can be difficult if you have never been faced with it before. One [...]
Jeep Shows

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2015

June 21, 2015 0

 The fifth annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival was one for the record books with record attendance, record vendor turnout, record numbers of Jeeps in every event and even an official  Guinness World Record for the […]

In the Spotlight

Extremely Useful Backup LED Light Installed & Reviewed

by Offroaders Staff in Project Jeep JK Rubicon X 1

Allow me to shed some light. A lot of decisions are based on past experience. This install starts with one of those experiences from probably 15+ years ago. That night on the trails was overcast, [...]

Virginia Beach Beast Monster Truck Resurrection

Dusty Trails Blog
April 8, 2014 0
Way back in the 1980’s when I just got my license, I was all into the offroad scene, especially the car crushing monster trucks that would make their rounds from fairground to fairground. One year, [...]
Top 5 Cheap Jeep JK Upgrades

Top 5 Cheap Yet Invaluable Upgrades for your Jeep JK

Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips
September 22, 2014 0
Whether you’re into Jeeps or not, you have to admit the Jeep brand has generated one heck of an aftermarket over the past few decades.  Almost any Jeep part or accessory imaginable has been (or will [...]

Tire Size Guide – Does it Hit or Fit?

by Alan Cray in Mud Tire Reviews 0

The data below is derived from research, readers rigs, feedback by readers and from direct experience with vehicles we’ve owned over the years.  Not all possible 4×4 vehicles are listed nor are all possible combinations. [...]
  • All Breeds Jeep Show presented by PA Jeeps
    Dusty Trails Blog

    PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show 2014

    If Jeeps, Jeeps and more Jeeps are your thing, you won’t want to miss this years All Breeds Jeep Show presented by PA Jeeps!  July 19th and 20th 2014 This year’s 19th annual event will be [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    12 Volt Wiring Tech: Gauge to Amps

    12 Volt Wiring Gauge Requirements at specific Amps for Automotive Electrical Systems   …   To choose an adequate wire gauge, determine the amp draw (amperage) that the wire circuit will carry.  Then measure the distance [...]
  • Jeep JK Rubicon Hard Rock on the Rubicon Trail
    Dusty Trails Blog

    Top Trails in America – Rubicon Trail

    Rubicon Trail The Historic Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile long rock-crawling offroad adventure consisting of some of the most challenging and rugged 4-wheeling on the planet.  Expect long, intense days traversing  extremely difficult rocky terrain.   The [...]
  • Dusty Trails Blog

    End of an Era – TRAILS CLOSED

    I’ve heard that saying ‘all good things come to an end‘ thrown around like rocks getting chucked out of a mud tire.  But by ‘end‘ I just couldn’t have imagined it would be an end to the [...]
  • Project Rubicon X
    Project Jeep JK Rubicon X

    Project Jeep Rubicon X

    Project Build of a Rubicon X Unlimited There’s no denying that the Jeep Rubicon is one of the most capable production vehicles ever to roll off the assembly line.  Powered by the 285-horsepower producing Pentastar [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    Floor Jack Mod to Protect the Paint

    DEPARTMENT OF:  Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips …Lifting a Vehicle and Protecting the contact surface … When you are jacking up a vehicle with a hydraulic floor jack, sometimes you have to position the jack in [...]
  • 4x4 Clubs

    Northwest US 4×4 Off Road Clubs Directory

    The Northwest region includes: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington  4×4 Clubs are your best source for finding the best, legal places to 4-wheel and will typically have scheduled events.  Review [...]
  • Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

    Non-Stick Stickers

    DEPARTMENT OF: Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips  …Stickers that don’t Stick – Using Magnets to adhere Stickers … Here’s an idea for people who want to use a sticker but don’t like the idea of permanently [...]