Gas Gauge Tip for the Unfamiliar or Forgetful

Which Side is the Gas Cap on??

Ever pull up to the gas pump and forget which side the gas cap is on?  This can happen especially in a rental car.  So how can you tell from inside the vehicle?  Did you know that many auto manufacturers place a small arrow next to the gas pump symbol located on your gas gauge?  This is especially true for newer vehicles such as that rental car you’re driving.




  1. Wow cannot believe you kept it so long…… I have had my FJ for 4 years now it’s an 07 and have absolutely NO regrets. I have not had any of these issues even with 285s my mileage is way better. I was Jeep owner for 20 years wish I bought a FJ sooner. My Jeeps were are way underpowered compared to the FJ. Love it’s road manners I just could not bear the thought of buying a Jeep with a Caravan engine owned by FIAT! I added small mirrors as well, no biggie. I even towed a 3600 travel trailer,try that with a Jeep JK. For all the FJs faults it is still a great vehicle, just love all the so-called hardcore offroaders that drive 99% time on pavement and say the need extreme suspension travel… Tell you what, try staying out the ditch when you hit washboard gravel at 50 mph in a Jeep! No thanks I am keeping my FJ for a few more years, don’t see any Jeeps on the long term reliability list…….

  2. Can’t comment on the lift issues, but my FJ is on 200 plus km and not a single mechanical problem.
    – I have none of your transmission issues.
    – I easily get 20-21mpg on the hi way and it only drops by a couple in city only Driving. Also the FJ was designed to use premium gas, if you use regular the mileage will drop but certainly not 13mpg.
    – visibility, I’m 5-6 and as long as you adjust the mirrors correctly and pay a bit more attention specifically to the rear corners there is zero issues.
    – ATrac, only had this issue in very slippery snow/ice conditions, once I turned it off it minimized the issue and only rarely would experience the hard braking problem. I would not consider this to be significant enough to be a major flaw.
    – seat comfort, of all the vehicles I have driven (including a variety of company vehicles), I would say in general the FJ seats are no worse then average for extended travel.
    – my only real complaint is related to paint quality which was an issue for my model year.
    – IMO your assessment of the FJ is flawed, your FJ clearly had mechanical issues that should have been addressed by the dealership. What I don’t understand is why some people choose to take their vehicle issues to the Internet, continue to live with the issues, rather than TAKE the vehicle in to be repaired back to manufacture specs.

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