D-Ring Loops Installed on Project Rubicon X

Maximus-3 D-Ring Loops Install
Maximus-3 D-Ring Loops Install
Shown both the standard D-Ring Loops and the Hilift Jack version of the D-Ring Loops.
Shown above is both the standard D-Ring Loops and the Hilift Jack version of the D-Ring Loops.

As we said in the intro, having D-Rings in addition to the factory hooks are definitely a big plus. Two additional closed loop attach points means that we have options. Whether we are pulling someone else, pulling ourselves or being pulled, we never know what the situation is going to be and multiple tow secure points have always come in handy in the past. Plus they just look great to boot!

Maximus-3 makes a couple of varieties of these D-Ring Loops. They have their standard D-Ring Loops and also a version designed to accept a HiLift Jack. The loops are made from ½” thick steel and mount directly to the underside of the winch mount plate. The D-Ring Loops are designed to work with center mounted winches and will require us to cut a slotted section out of the lower lip of the bumper.

In our case we opted for the standard D-Ring Loops and were also going to add on a pair of red powder coated D-rings. To go along with the D-Rings, we picked up a couple pair of D-Ring Spacer Isolator Bushings to center the D-rings on the Loops and to quiet down the D-rings over the bumps.


Maximus-3 D-Ring Loops Install



  1. Are the D-rings far enough forward from the bumper that they can be used at a jack point for a Hi-Lift jack? Not a fan of the ones with the included Hi-Lift jack point.

    • While I never had the need to lift the front of the Jeep with a Hi-Lift, I think doing so may not be 100% safe. I’d recommend using an accessory like the Hi-Lift Lift-Mate, or the Hi-Lift Bumper-Lift to make sure the jack won’t slip off the shackle.

  2. I loved your entire write up for the Maximus-3 kit, i followed it almost to the T with the exception that i one time i measured once and cut twice on the bumper slots for the d-ring mounts. Question for you, where did you find the rubber bushings for the D-Rings, i have tried home depot and searching amazon and can’t find them.

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