How to Install the Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier


In this article, we will be replacing our factory Rubicon X spare tire carrier with the Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier Sport Package.

The Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier Sport Package, Model: 0400-0300TC-SP, includes the following main components:

  • Tire Carrier
  • Adjustable Tire Mount
  • Center Accessories Mast/Stem
  • CHM (Center High Mount) 3rd Brake Light

Additional components we are adding to the install:

  • Maximus-3 Backup LED
  • Maximus-3 Side LED Bracket for CB Antenna, Utility LED
  • Maximus-3 Hi-Lift Jack Mount (coming soon)
Review Photo: Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier Sport Package

Key Features and Specifications:

The Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier is designed specifically to fit the Jeep Wrangler JK model years 2007-2016 in a straight forward 100% bolt-on installation requiring no drilling or cutting. Designed and fabricated in the U.S.A. it is engineered to be adjustable to allow for different tire size configurations and modular to allow for various accessory and equipment installations. The swing out tire carrier is fabricated as a single-piece, high strength heavy gauge 2″ OD tubular design, and swings on it’s own load bearing hinges completely separate from the factory door hinges. The tire carrier synchronizes with the tailgates motion using an integrated pre-tensioned tie rod mechanism that achieves rattle and vibration free operation. The tire carrier hinges use wide hinge bearing points for better stability and load distribution while providing an effortless door opening thanks to low friction self-lubricating bronze bearings. The tire carrier and door come to a stop through an integrated clearance to stock hinge design preventing an over extended open door and contact with the passenger side taillight.

The Maximus-3 design fits up to 40-inch tire size load capacity and does not require the removal of the right rear tow hook loop. The spare tire is stabilized with multiple contact to rubber locations and the mounting location is low, centered and adjustable for various tire sizes and a low center of weight and optimal rear visibility. Finished in a durable fine textured black powder coat, the complete system weighs in at about 45 lbs.

How to Install the Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier Sport Package

After a full inventory of our parts and gathering the tools we would need, we set out one Saturday morning to install the Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier. Maximus-3 provided a thorough, accurate set of instructions for Modular Tire Carrier as well as supplemental instructions for their optional components including the Backup LED Light we ordered. The tools we would need for this job were minimal and common and included a metric socket set, metric open wrench set, a set of metric Allen Keys, a Torx Socket Bit #50 and an L-shaped Torx key #50. We used several other tools as well but mainly for aspects of the project outside of the standard installation. The following is our step-by-step account of the installation.

Remove the Factory Spare Tire Carrier

Install the Tire Carrier Hinge Brackets

Install the Spare Tire/Wheel Mount

Now Step back and admire your work….

Review Photo: Maximus-3 JK Modular Tire Carrier Sport Package

Post Install First Impressions

After stepping back to have a full look at the finished product I believe “Wow” was the first word that came out of my mouth. From the black matte powder coated finish to the impressive engineering that went into the bolt-on design we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Fitment was perfect, exacting not just in dimensions but the appearance held true to our desire to maintain the Rubicon X look of style and sophistication. We love the strength of the entire package and especially like the manner in which the tire carrier secures tightly when the door is closed. Absolutely no loose rattling anywhere. The entire installation only took a few hours of our time, half of which was photography for the install write-up. Anyone looking for a high quality, easily installed aftermarket tire carrier to replace the stock carrier, you seriously want to consider this package made by Maximus-3. The only thing left was to mount our 35″ Mickey Thompson MTZ P3! For more on our thoughts about this Maximus-3 Rear Tire Carrier, follow the link below to the full review. Happy Trails!

For more information see: Maximus-3 Rear Tire Carrier Packages

In our next segment we install and review the Maximus-3 Reverse LED light, just follow the link below. For the Full Review as well as more information about the Maximus-3 Rear Tire Carrier Sport Package, check back soon to follow the link below as we break down our likes and dislikes of this tire Carrier.

Backup LED Install

Read the Full Review

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