Northwest US 4×4 Off Road Clubs Directory

The Northwest region includes: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington  4×4 Clubs are your best source for finding the best, legal places to 4-wheel and will typically have scheduled events.  Review this directory for a club near you. 

Northwest region includes:

South Dakota
North Dakota


A family oriented 4-wheel drive club in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Members come from Bellevue up to Arlington, with most members in the Everett-Marysville area. They run the more challenging trails, both here in Washington as well as out of state, such as Moab and the Rubicon.

Arctic Offroad
We are a family oriented group of Alaskan offroad wheelers who wrench and wheel together.

Balz Out Off Road Club
This Oregon group was started by a few guys with the simple philosophy that you don’t lift your rig and put bigger tires on it just to drive it on the pavement. They got together and established guidelines to keep pavement pounders out of this die-hard group of four wheelers.

Black Hills 4 Wheelers
Based out of Rapid City, SD, this is a group of 4-wheel drive enthusiasts who enjoy responsible 4-wheeling. They hold monthly club meetings, trail rides, and other special community service activities related to 4-wheeling as a hobby. They encourage all 4-wheelers 18 years of age and older to join in the fun.

Cascade Classic Broncos
Located in the Mid Willamette Valley of Oregon, home to many Bronco enthusiasts, this club is dedicated to the Early Bronco (1966-1977). The Cascade Mountain range is an hour east and the beach an hour west. There are numerous activities year round and they’re located in the middle of it all.

Cheyenne Trail Crew
We are a non-profit, family oriented 4 wheel drive club based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can join us at our monthly club meetings – check the website for meeting location, time, and date.

Rough Country 4 Wheelers
Wyoming’s oldest and largest 4WD club. We’ve been playing in the dirt for over 30 years! Based out of Cheyenne Wyoming.

Dakota Territory Cruisers
Out of Rapid City, South Dakota, this is a group of 4WD enthusiasts who enjoy responsible four-wheeling and own Toyota 4WD vehicles (Land Cruisers, Pickups, and 4-Runners). They hold club meetings, trail rides and do special community service projects and activities related to four-wheeling. Their biggest event is the Black Hills Cruiser Classic, which we host each July.

Fairbanks Offroad Lions
We are a family and community oriented organization under Lions International that caters to any offroad capable vehicle, ATVs, and motorcycles located in Fairbanks, Alaska. All are welcome. We have monthly trail rides for all experiences and ongoing builds.

Frontier 4 Wheelers
Helena’s (Montana) Frontier 4×4 Club is dedicated to family friendly and environmentally conscious 4 wheeling.

Idaho Off-Road 4×4 Club
A club whose mission is to encourage interest in the ownership of a short wheel-based 4WD vehicle and stimulate pride among the owners and to exchange ideas, general information, technical data, to secure the latest technical information from the factory and other related sources, relative to the 4WD owner.

Jeep’n Alaska
This page is to communicate with other Jeepers in Alaska to discuss your latest mods, plan wheeling trips, post pics of your baby and pretty much anything Jeep related!

Jolly Jeepers
The Jolly Jeepers Club is an organization dedicated to promoting safe, fun, and challenging four wheeling recreation. This site was designed to inform off-road enthusiasts about the activities and goals of our club and also showcase our members and their rigs. The Jolly Jeepers Club is Oregon’s oldest Jeep club, founded in 1962.

Mid-Valley Crawlers
Oregon’s most extreme off road organization, based in West Salem. A group of guys that decided that four-wheeling was more than big tires and horsepower. They are into the side of four-wheeling that involves brain power, thinkning, and patience, not just the ability to hit the gas and go.

North American XJ Association
Based out of Lopez, WA this is an Internet based club for XJ owners nationwide.

Northwest Cruisers of Idaho
If you have a Toyota 4×4 you are welcome to join this group. They have a wealth of knowldedge on Cruisers and Toyota 4x4s. One meeting each month and a trail run nearly every month.

Oregon Bushhackers
A group of techie-types from NW Oregon and SW Washington who are interested in 4×4 offroad experiences.

Oregon Off-Road Club
Based in Ashland, Oregon, about 10 miles from the California border. This group of 4-wheelers enjoys mud, rocks, snow, sand and anything else they might encounter off of the paved roads. They are a informal group and try to get together whenever possible for some wheeling and exploring.

Pacific Northwest 4x4s
They are open to all full size 4x4s in Oregon and Washington. Dedicated to responsible wheeling and family fun with monthly meetings and lots of trail rides.

Pirate 4×4
Largest offroading website in the world. 

Puget Sound Limiteds
This ’53-’56 F-100’s truck club was established to maintain a family-oriented club, united by their interest in Ford F-100s. The club continues to support the Puget Sound community while promoting an enthusiasm for 53-56 F-100s.

Raven Off-Road OHV Club
Raven Off-Road OHV Club was started to pursue the interest of the OHV community in a new way. Since most clubs are structured around the vehicle class (Type I, II, or III), we just didn’t fit that classification and decided to start anew. 

Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association
Our organization, the Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) is based out of Lebanon, Oregon and includes members from Lebanon and surrounding areas including Sweet Home, Albany, Eugene, Philomath, Salem, etc….

Seattle Jeep Club
Founded in 1959, this club was formerly known as the Seattle Rumpbumpers. Members feel that the best jeeping is in the Pacific Northwest and think the Rimrock area is even more challenging than the Rubicon. If you own a 4WD (so long as it can fit between the trees) and enjoy the beautiful Northwest, then you are invited to join in for some fun.

Snake River Offroaders
A family oriented club located in Eastern Idaho. SRO also desires to have a club in which the environment is enjoyed and not abused. They support organizations such as Tread Lightly and the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Spokane 4 Wheelers
Based in the Spokane, Washington area, club members participate in a variety of 4 wheel drive activities, such as trail runs and competitive events as well as other social activities.

Timber Tamers
A large family-oriented 4 wheel drive club based out of the Kirkland, Washington area that promotes interest in responsible 4 wheeling. The membership is diverse, from young to old, men and women, driving many different types of 4wd vehicles.





All Wheelers Off Road Club
A family oriented club for all types of off road vehicles. We are based out of Yakima, Washington, but go Off Road all over Washington State. We do Day Runs and and Camping Trips. Check out our EASTERN WASHINGTON OFF ROAD forum for ORV area info, events and pictures.

Highriders Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association
A family-oriented club in western Washington promoting responsible four wheeling and the preservation of multiple-use outdoor resources. They are open to any make or model of off-road vehicle.

Mountain Explorers
A small group that just takes off and explore the trails in the mountains around the Spokane/Eastern Washington area. They welcome all types of vehicle owners to join and share with each others’ common interest in off-roading and 4-wheel related activities.

Northern Toys 4WD Club
A family orientated non-profit organization that started as a group of Toyota owners but has since grown to include all types of vehicles. Their efforts focus on local, regional and statewide land issues. Members also partake in letter writing campaigns on behalf of other 4 wheel drive owners across the United States.

Puget Sound Vintage Broncos
A Seattle area club for owners of 1966 – 1977 Ford Broncos. PSVB caters to both street and serious off-road Bronco owners with runs throughout the year along with family events.

Sweet Home 4WD Association
A family-based group located in Oregon, at the base of the Cascade Mountains in the Willamette Valley. They enjoy four wheeling in all the elements: snow, mud, sand, and rocks. Vehicles range in all sizes, from stock Toyota’s to full size Suburban’s on 40’s to Blazer’s on 42’s!

Wanna Rock Off-Road Club
We are a club based out of Casper, Wyoming. Our organization is centered around rock-crawlers and mud boggers, but all off-road enthusiasts are welcome. We are currently working in Casper to help build a multi-use park to facilitate sanctioned mud-bogs and rock-crawling competitions.

Whiz Bang Wheelers 4×4 Club
This is a loosely organized club whose members ride throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Wild West Scouts
Out of Lake Oswego, Oregon this Scout club primarily holds meetings and events for members from the Portland and Vancouver area.



  1. May buy a 2000 4runner (3.4 liter) how well can it pull a small trailer, (1,200 pound w/supplies) around in mountain country and not slow down too much?

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