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Vintage CB Radios

History and General Information About
Citizens’ Band Radio

From the Origins of Citizens’ Band radio and it’s growing popularity in the 1970’s to the worldwide following today around the world, this article explains where CB radio came from and where it is today.

All About CB Radio



How to ADJUST YOUR SWR on your CB radio and Why it’s important!

CB Radios and CB radio antenna’s are not plug and play. They require tuning to not just match the CB with the antenna but also match the radio and antenna with the vehicle and antenna location on the vehicle. Read this to save your CB from self destruction!

Adjusting SWR



Set by step instructions on How to use this common 3-Function Test Instrument, the Para Dynamics MODEL PDC 2

Adjusting SWR



How does a CB radio antenna work and why does it need to be tuned?

Get into the technical details that explain how the CB radio transceiver antenna works and what it means to tune it.

How a CB Antenna works


Length Matters
CB Antenna Length

How does an antenna size affect my CB radio output? Is longer better?

CB Antenna Length


Wiring Cobra Microphones

Cobra Mic Wiring