Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

Non-Stick Stickers

February 9, 2016 Offroaders Staff Editor 1

DEPARTMENT OF: Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips  …Stickers that don’t Stick – Using Magnets to adhere Stickers … Here’s an idea for people who want to use a sticker but don’t like the idea of permanently […]

Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

Mud Tire Reviews & Information Knowledge Base

April 13, 2014 Offroaders Staff 0

Listing the Most Popular Mud Tires and All Terrain Tires.  Featuring the Tire Size Clearance Chart.  Also featuring a No-nonsense article to assist with Choosing the Right Mud Tire.  Knowledge database: Tire Terminology, Wheel Terminology, […]

Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

Hard Drive Magnets on Your Oil Filter

March 2, 2014 Thomas Sawyer 1

Using a Hard Drive Magnet on your Oil Filter It’s a fact that as your engine runs, tiny metallic particles along with the soot from the combustion process become suspended in your circulating oil.  That’s […]

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