Repairing Plastic Hinges

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Coming Unhinged

Is that old molded plastic tool box coming apart at the seams?  Over time the hinge on the molded plastic type storage cases become weak and crack from repeated use.   Once they come apart and all your sockets drop on the ground it’s time to chuck the box and dump all the sockets into a tool box drawer, right?  Wrong.  With this easy fix your box might outlast the tools.  Just keep an eye out for an old rubber inter tube (or pick up a discarded one at your local tire dealer) and cut a piece to cover the hinged area.  Then apply a generous coating of a high quality rubber cement on the rubber and to the case halves with the case closed (take the tools out).  Let it sit for 10 minutes (to allow the cement to get tacky), slap the patch on firmly covering both halves, then let it dry and your back in business.  This also works well for the plastic latches the hold the case closed.