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Seriously Stucks

Mystery Suzuki - The Suzuki LJ-20
The Watson Family sends in this little "gem" but needed help identifying the model.  All you Suzuki Fans out there have been sending in guesses while the Watson family has been fixin' up this little toy for
fun around the farm. The Watsons then fixed up 

The Watson Family has cleaned up and painted this fun, little LJ20 in patriotic colors.

Here's what the Watson Family says about their LJ20 project:

I bought the rough LJ20 from a man who bought it at a farm auction near Bay City, Michigan. That's all the previous history I have. It wouldn't run so we towed it home. The aftermarket electric fuel pump had failed. a vacuum powered snowmobile pump was installed and she ran. If you look close at the before picture, there is a 6 gallon plastic boat motor fuel tank in the back. The original fuel line had to be replaced and the fuel tank patched.

The only functioning brake was the emergency brake. A master cylinder kit, relined rear shoes and some TLC to get rear wheel cylinders freed-up, and I now have some stopping power. One of the front wheel cylinders has been stripped out (SAE vs metric buggery) so rear stopping is all for now. The cheap, broken plastic seats were replaced with institutional grade plastic (used school cafeteria) seats, padded and vinyl covered. The vinyl top with snaps and clear plastic window were whipped up on our home sewing machine. After using fiberglass to patch a few holes in the flooring, I used blue 'grass' carpeting to cover the floor.

Some of the body has been replaced. A previous owner must have been a duct work fabricator because the body is made from galvanized steel. He had access to some proper tin working tools and did a very good job. The windshield frame is gone and I installed a lexon windshield. A manually operated windshield wiper (from JC Whitney) was installed. The grill is made from plywood and the head light bezels from cherry wood turned on my lathe.

I can't find any VIN on the vehicle. Only an engine ID and the 349cc displacement stamped into the motor.

The patriotic paint scheme is just 'because I could'. I hope to get a policeman to inspect it and be able to license it and legally drive it down the road this summer.

 - The Watson Family


Here are some the guesses that had rolled in while we had the readers send in a guess through a posted guess box:

  • Mutt

  • 1985 sidekick

  • LJ20

  • early suzuki import circa 1970 (give or take a few years)

  • SJ10 76-78

  • daut soeharto

  • mid 70's lj80

  • LJ

  • SAMAURI... and im not a suzuki fan

  • Suzuki Lj80

  • lj 80

  • about a '78 LJ80

  • Samurai, with a lot of extras (the lawn chairs are a nice touch)

  • 800cc LJ80

  • Suzuki LJ80 (1980 or 81)

  • 83 sj samurai

  • susuki samuri

  • SJ10

  • 1945 jeep cj5

  • Lightweight 'Jimny' 4x4 70's

  • suzuki hormiga 79

  • Suzuki Brute

  • LJ 10 2 STROKE

  • lj10 orlj20

  • sierra-modified roof, fenders

  • sj410

  • 44

  • Suzuki Beaver

  • 72 ljio

  • scott

  • Its an LJ go to

  • FJ40

  • 1972

  • lj80

  • L80

  • jimny 360

  • Mutt

  • Brute

  • Lt 410

  • LJ 10 early with 650cc

  • sj 410

  • model LJ-80

  • m151? it is an army jeep

  • kennedy jeep grill

  • Ford GPW

  • These are grills from a jeep-like vehicle manufactured by
    Ford during the tail end of the Viet Nam war (...answered the wrong question...)

  • m-151 m.u.t.t.

  • gemni

  • Suzuki LJ-80

  • 1976

  • lj-80

  • it appears to be an lj 20,@ late 70's, it should have a 2 stroke gas engine of @660 cc's


Readers Rigs

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Seriously Stucks

Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock Crawling Machine.

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Jeep Dana 300 TeraLow - 4:1 Gearset for the Dana 300 Transfer Case

Jeep Trans Swap
T-18A Transmission Rebuild & Short Shaft Conversion

Black Diamond Suspension Lift install for CJ-7


From the
Department of Cheap   Tricks and Useful Tips

Ultra-Cool Hand Throttle for Free!

Jeep V8 Swap Tips

The Exploding Clutch

Radiator Protection using 6 bucks worth of material

Cracked Under Pressure - Fixing a smashed fingernail

A Cheap, effective alternative to undercoating

Home-built Saginaw Gearbox Brace for the cost of lunch!

Ammo Box Storage - Mounting Them for Quick Disconnect

Home-built Serious Skid-Plate protection for the Oil Pan for under 20 bucks!