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About Offroaders.com

Offroaders.com, owned by Sliprock Media LLC, is dedicated to serve as a photo album to recount some of the off road adventures of a group of 4x4 enthusiasts. Along with our love for the off road adventure, we also try to present to our readers off road and 4x4 related information in the form of projects, product reviews, and links to other off road related sites such as 4x4 organizations and off road / outdoor product vendors.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy our little corner of the vast off road community.  All content within this site is presented for your amusement only.  Special thanks go to the friends and family of Maguire Products Inc. in Aston PA. 


All content within this site is presented for your amusement only. All activities and vehicle modifications appearing or described within this website and on its pages may be potentially dangerous. We do not endorse or recommend any such activity or projects for others or to any particular person - we simply describe our experiences and our opinions. If you choose to engage in these activities or undertake any project, it is by your own free will and at your own volition. Always use common sense and remember that none of this material is presented as being recommended by a professional mechanic or driving instructor. This information is presented for your amusement only. Do not take unwise risks and always consult a certified professional if you are not sure of something.  Offroaders.com, Sliprock Media LLC, and the authors of these articles assume no liability for how any particular individual chooses to use the information presented here.

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If you have spent any time on Offroaders.com, you would notice that the site is primarily a content based website with articles, product information as well as a "just for fun" photo album.  As part of the information cornerstone of the site, we extent the offer of exchange to vendors and companies that is essentially free advertising for your company or product.   The exchange between Offroaders.com and you would be in the form of an article or information about your product or products, or simply general knowledge information.  The advertising for you would be credit to you for the article, your contact information, links back to your site and your products and exposure in a targeted market.  Articles and information are viewed daily by a large audience and the article remain online indefinitely without cost to you.   If you would like to discuss an exchange please contact us below.  Or for other forms of advertising, contact us below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell me the location of the trails you have been to in the trail reports?
A. All of the locations in the trail reports are privately owned locations that we as a group had permission in some fashion to be on.  Most of the trail runs were organized through an off-road club or other 4x4 organization which was posted, if available, in the report itself.  With the exception of Paragon Adventure Park, locations can not be disclosed due to the fact that they are private property.  Clubs who have organized events and make scheduled  trail runs are linked within the trail report.  Your best way to find out how you can find trails in your area is to join a local club and go on scheduled, organized events.  Check out our US Clubs section for a club near you.  If you are aware of trails in your area but need further details on those trails, your best bet is to study topography maps or satellite imagery.  For more info on these type of maps, see this link: Click Here


Q. I have a site or I have a business that I would like Offroaders to link to.  Can you post my link?
A. You can send the link. If you are trading links (reciprocating a link) we will return the link to your site.

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