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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock Crawling Machine.

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Smoke rises out of the ground, the smell of sulfur is in the air, the ground collapses as homes are destroyed.
Science fiction?
Think again.


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ARB Bull Winch Bar  
Installed on a 1992 Toyota Pickup



Approximately 3 weeks prior to ordering the ARB Bull Bar I was commuting home after dark as usual and once again I saw a few deer.   Only this time I saw these deer a little too late. With oncoming traffic and little time to react all I was able to do was slow the speed of impact with one of the doe that was unlucky enough to move in the wrong direction.  Upon initial inspection with a flashlight in the dark all I saw was a busted left turn signal lense.  Later that night and the next morning I discovered additional damage including a buckled parking light, a dented bumper skirt, and a bumper pushed back in about an inch and a half on the driver side.  That weekend I pulled off the bumper in order to get a better look at things and to repair the damaged bumper bracket and parking light when I realized how cheap and insufficient the stock Toyota bumper actually is.  Weighing in at a mear 20 or so pounds the stock bumper is held not to the frame but to a welded on extension with only 4 bolts.  The bolts hold a bracket that is thin and not designed to take an impact with even a shopping cart at the mall.  This explained why hitting the deer at a lower speed after laying some rubber down did the damage it did.  I felt that vulnerable feeling like I didn't have a seatbelt on. 

arb1.jpg (21973 bytes)

I had seen pictures of the Australian made integrated bumpers before in the 4x4 mags and on some trail rigs on the net and on the trails as well as in an ARB product brochure that Ok 4 Wheel Drive was kind enough to send me. At about the time I had removed the bumper and held it with my index and middle finger, I had made my decision.  The Bull Bars are not the cheapest modifications around.  I purchased this ARB Bull Bar from OK 4 Wheel Drive in New Jersey for $629. plus tax and shipping.  It was a big decision since it is not one of those necessity items for better performance.  It just protects your front end and looks really cool.  It also serves as a great mounting point for a winch (if you get the style that is winch ready) and has mounting points for offroad driving lights which include threaded bolt holes.

When the package arrived I could tell that what was wrapped in the thick packaging material was big and heavy.  Although I didn't weigh it I estimate it weighed in at about 80 - 90 pounds.  When I got it home and unwrapped the hunk of thick steel I must say I was very impressed.  My mental image of what this Bull Bar was going to look like was seriously under-estimated.  I was amazed at the level engineering put into a bumper that is designed for each vehicle specifically; in my case a 92 Toyota Pickup.  Details that I never expected.  For starters the steel is thick and heavy duty with well engineered detailed angles that look clean and sharp, even stylish.  Not your average aftermarket bumper that is one of those just for show, don't bump anything or I'll bend brush guards (which, by the way, cost almost as much!).  ARB took advantage of every bolt hole available in the frontend of the frame as well as the stock bumper mount holes.   A total of 12 large bolts grab hold of the frame for extreme durability.  Just below the winch mount was fabricated an air dam to direct the rush of air up to the radiator.  Several mounting points for hooks and shackles for towing, winching and pulling.  The tubular grill and fender guards are heavy duty and are welded directly to the top of the bumper, not extending out from the center like some guards do.   Another benefit is an increased approach angle.  Notice the angle of the Bull Bar in relation to the tires in the picture to the right.

arb-pre.jpg (23935 bytes)

arb-post.jpg (20284 bytes)

Installation was actually easy.  I do think the directions were a little indirect and vague but this was not rocket science.  The stock bumper bolt holes were in just the right position to hold the bumper on my knees and put the left and right bolts in to hold it up on the vehicle while I mounted the rest, not tightening any until I had all bolts in and some minor alignments with the fenders and grill just to make it as straight as possible.  Great fit. All hole lined up good, all hardware was included and fit well.  The stock turn signals were reused and fit into properly ARBdesigned mounting brackets of which I only had one (the deer has the other).  After mounting the bumper the skid plate mounted back on with new, included hardware.  Just some minor trimming of the under the fender mud guards and I was done.  My overall assessment of the ARB Bull Bar is that this is one well designed bumper if you can even call it that, a bumper.  Although I hope to heck I never hit anything I at least feel that if I do it won't cave in like a tin can.  If anything this Bull Bar is a great foundation for mounting a winch, driving lights and attach points for pulling or being pulled.



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