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Motor Oil Recycling

Motor oil recycling is the process of restoring the motor oil to its original state, removing dirt and chemicals. Industrial and automotive used oils are recycled at re-refineries. The used oil is first tested to […]

Offroad Diving Techniques
Driving & Recovery Techniques

Common Offroad Driving Techniques

The following are some general offroad driving techniques that are used in all types of terrain. These general tips can help to improve your ability to navigate safely and efficiently.Safety & Hand PositionWhen driving off […]

Driving & Recovery Techniques

Off-Road Driving Techniques & Safety

 It’s important always to drive within your ability. There are times when in soft sand, like beaches and washes, speed needs to be moderate and flotation through mud and snow needs to be kept up, […]


Wiring the Cobra CB Mic

Wiring the Cobra Microphones  Model: 21, 25, 29, 89gtl,1000gtlStandard wiring: 1-Shield2-Audio3-Transmit4-ReceiveModel: 18RV, 19X,19PLUS, 20PLUSStandart wiring: 1-Audio4-Shield2-Transmit5-Receive3-N/CModel: 90, 140gtl, 142gtl,148gtl,2000gtl, 2010 Standart wiring: 1-Audio2-Shield3-Receive4-Switching Wire5-TransmitAstatic wiring: 1-Shield and Blue2-White3-Red4-BlackAstatic wiring: 1-White4-Shield and Blue2-Red5-Black3-N/CYellow-N/CAstatic wiring: 1-White2-Shield3-Black4-Blue5-RedYellow-N/CTuner: 1-Shield […]


CB Radio – Adjusting SWR

PARA DYNAMICS SWR METER INSTRUCTIONS       3-FUNCTION TEST INSTRUMENT – MODEL PDC 2IntroductionModel PDC 2 test instrument is a compact 3-function test meter designed to indicate the condition of any 52 ohm antenna and […]

Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips

25 Dollar Sunroof

DEPARTMENT OF:  Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips …Looking for a Cheap alternative to installing a Sunroof? Try this on for size.You have to admit, a vehicle just looks better with a sunroof.  Yet most vehicles […]

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