TireSquire Brings Back the Gateway Buckshot Mudder BLK TL P78-16 6 PLY

Gateway Buckshot Mudder BLK TL
Gateway Buckshot Mudder  BLK TL
Gateway Buckshot Mudder BLK TL

After a period of dormancy, the highly popular Gateway Buckshot Mudder makes a reappearance on the market through the company TireSquire.  Among the many retail specialty tires TireSquire sells, you’ll find the Gateway Buckshot Mudder in a few popular sizes,  N78-15 6 PLY BUCKSHOT MUDDER BLK TL and the P78-16 6 PLY BUCKSHOT MUDDER BLK TL.  This is exciting news to us since may people were inquiring as to where they might find the Gateway Buckshot Mudder.  Below is the press release given to

TireSquire Press Release

The dawn of a new era in the specialty tire marketplace is upon us. Having nearly 40 years of experience in the tire business on many different levels, the Tire Squire is now announcing its online presence to the world of retail specialty tires. The team behind The Tire Squire has been in the manufacturing/production, distribution, and sales of all types of tires worldwide. They are now offering their expertise to online retail consumers. The Tire Squire believes in providing the absolute best quality products to the end-user and seamless online experience so the customer is confident that they are getting the best product that fits their needs for the best price. If the customer cannot find what they need, there is a full staff on hand to answer any questions and assist in any way they can to meet full satisfaction and confidence. TireSquire

Often times, consumers are not able to purchase their ATV, boat trailer, RV, or tractor tires from their local tire or equipment dealer. The Tire Squire is launching their website for the purpose of selling direct to consumers and provide them with the knowledge, expertise, variety and freedom to choose their required tires online. The consumer can research, inquire, and purchase there specific tire needs quickly and securely. There is no other specialty tire online store that compares to the offerings of The Tire Squire. The Tire Squire will not offer passenger or SUV tires. The sole purpose of The Tire Squire is to service and supply the retail specialty tire market, that is what sets them apart from the rest and focusing on what the specialty tire market needs.

At The Tire Squire, online customers can see an enormous range of items available on the website . Just click and see that what they have to offer in their gigantic warehouses located throughout the United States. Whether you want tires for your tractor, bike, boat trailer, ATV/UTV , Wheelbarrow, lawnmower or any other specialty vehicle, you will find the complete range at The Tire Squire. If you don’t see what you need, call the customer service line and they can find it for you.

All the items available at Tire Squire are of top quality. You can buy with confidence knowing that all tires are fully covered by the manufacturers warranty. Buy online with the upmost security measures put into place with the backing of Authorize.Net and full online security compliance.

The Tire Squire is prepared to serve its customers nationwide, they are not limited to distribution rights or territory restrictions. You can get the tire you want, regardless of where you live. Customers can order any tire product from anywhere in the States and it will be shipped, in most cases, within 24 hours from the closest warehouse to ensure quick delivery.

You can find further details on our website, and experience professional service just in a few clicks. The Tire Squire is the answer to all of your specialty tire solutions, Online!


  1. Amazing! This tire is Back?!?! Its genuinely an awesome mud tire. I used to run these in the swamps down here in Louisiana. Thought they were gone for good.

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