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This section categorizes Onboard Welders, Automotive Welders, 12 Volt Welders and other 4×4, offroad and performance related vendors. Browse the links below to find Onboard Welders, Automotive Welders, 12 Volt Welders and related retailers.  If you have a favorite vendor you think should be listed, send us the link and we’ll add it to our list.

Onboard Welders,  Automotive Welders, 12 Volt Welders Vendors Below:

ZENA Incorporated Main Site
Mobile DC Welding Equipment Designed for Use in Remote Locations. Portable DC arc welding equipment that can be installed into any vehicle.

Premier Power Welder Manufacturer
Maker of Premier Power Welder High-Frequency onboard welders, high-amp alternators, charging systems, military battery clamps.

Premier Power Welder Install Review
Premier Power Welder, install, review, information.

Premium Power Welder Install, Review
Rockcrawler’s Project TJ gets a Premier Power Welder.

Detailed Zena Mobile Welder Install Notes

Zena Welder
Beginners guide to welding

Onboard Welder Installation

Mobi-Arc 200x ManufacturerSite
Perfect Switch, LLC – Mobile Welding & Power,
A family owned and operated California Corporation dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative and industry-leading products.

Mobi-Arc 200x Onboard Welder

ZENA Mobile DC Welder

Premier Power Welder

Mobi-Arc 200x Onboard Welder Install
roverworx.com … The folks at Mobi-Arc have done a fabulous job in designing and producing a cutting edge onboard welder.

Mobi-Arc 200x Onboard Welder Install Review
The Mobi-Arc is packed with features. You can get optional “Mode Select” modules that plug into the back of the Mobi-Arc and …