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Engine Swaps

Dcp_0591.jpg (19520 bytes)As the last of the vehicles made their way through the hole one way or another this place along the beautiful banks of this creek just after the hole became our lunch break spot.  Some chose to make some minor repairs at the same time which included a blown tire stem in the mud hole and winch problems. As we began to make our way along the creek bank we encountered a few more connecting streams of lesser difficulty.  Though a few vehicles had to be pulled across.  This was mainly due to the "All Terrain" tire that in reality was not sufficient for "this terrain".  When it came down to the question of which tire was the best for the conditions, it was by far the Super Swamper which did well in the mud.  Sporting Super Swampers the green CJ5 pictured to the right needed some assistance in this mud hole but it did well in most other situations on the trail including the last climb of the day up a muddy hill.

Dcp_0590.jpg (19889 bytes) Dcp_0588.jpg (24165 bytes)
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Dcp_0594.jpg (18098 bytes) Dcp_0596.jpg (24094 bytes)
Dcp_0597.jpg (23574 bytes) Dcp_0599.jpg (24838 bytes)
Dcp_0600.jpg (26544 bytes) Dcp_0601.jpg (27909 bytes)
Dcp_0602.jpg (19478 bytes) Dcp_0603.jpg (18787 bytes)
Dcp_0604.jpg (22221 bytes)
Dcp_0605.jpg (24937 bytes)






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