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Engine Swaps

As the following pictures show, the mud hole got progressively worse.  Even the well equipped CJ's had problems and could not get through without being winched out.

Dcp_0578.jpg (23889 bytes)
Dcp_0579.jpg (23611 bytes) Dcp_0582.jpg (23605 bytes)
Dcp_0580.jpg (26513 bytes)

To the left this Jeep's tire was jammed against the bank of the hole. It took two winches pulling 2 ways to extract it.

Dcp_0581.jpg (24045 bytes) Dcp_0584.jpg (22594 bytes)
Dcp_0583.jpg (27334 bytes) Dcp_0585.jpg (26059 bytes)
Dcp_0586.jpg (18823 bytes) Dcp_0587.jpg (24691 bytes)






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