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It wasn't long after the morning trail preparation we were on our way.  Almost as soon as we hit the trail, we got a taste of what the day's events were going to bring.  Mud.  The first few mud holes caught some unsuspecting victims almost as soon as we hit the trail.   Those who got caught in the slick stuff soon learned to use the throttle a little more in the later holes.

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As we began to make our way up and around a hill, in a tight spot around some trees it seem that a hole developed where there was no hole before.   One of the Jeeps that had to back up due to the tight maneuvering around a few trees had some trouble getting some momentum and dug a nice sized hole.  This soft spot soon began to seemingly swallow up one vehicle after another requiring a good push of a few spectators.  Pictured to the left is where most of the vehicles that made it through the soft hole parked and walked back to watch others struggle through the hole.   Pictured to the right above in the foreground of the green CJ was the soft stuff. 
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