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Dcp_0694.jpg (22427 bytes)

This tree took a few hits.  Right where the front driver side tire is in the picture above is a root that was under the mud.  As a tire would drive over the root the vehicle would be pushed to the driver side and cause numerous contacts with the tree.  Though most carefully drove through this narrow passage, a few really slammed the tree.

Dcp_0696.jpg (30868 bytes)
Dcp_0697.jpg (21418 bytes) Dcp_0698.jpg (15157 bytes)
Dcp_0699.jpg (16745 bytes) Dcp_0700.jpg (20071 bytes)
Dcp_0701.jpg (36008 bytes) Dcp_0702.jpg (26266 bytes)

Standing at the tree that took a few hits this was the view up the hill to higher ground.   From the point of the tree, if you were to make it up the hill here you had to give it the gas in at least 2nd in low range (manuals). Otherwise you would not have enough momentum to get up the hill.  Careful though.  The trees up the hill were tight and the hill was slick.  Some contact was made in a few vehicles including a CJ that backed down right into a tree in his blind spot.

Dcp_0703.jpg (8268 bytes)     Dcp_0704.jpg (21460 bytes)

A 4 wheeling family!  This is Karen, Cody, Cory and Kevin.  The whole family packed into their two Jeep Cherokees and hit the trail for the day.  Karen said that Cory, pictured to the left, slept through some of the roughest parts of the trails.   Wouldn't it be great if all kids would sleep that sound?

Dcp_0705.jpg (21835 bytes)
Here were a couple of lead vehicles in one of the other two groups.  Our paths briefly crossed as we were on our way out.





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