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In this set of photos we see Mike Rauch of OK 4 Wheel Drive (pictured standing to the right) and his very nice 1977 Jeep CJ-7, driven by his girl-friend Debbie (who by the way handled the trails better than most) getting bogged down in the mud.  It was able to be winched out using his Warn Winch.   After extracting itself the Jeep was turned around and was used to recover most of the vehicles that came afterwards.

Dcp_0566.jpg (23716 bytes)
Snatch and grab just wouldn't do it for this CJ-7
Dcp_0567.jpg (25690 bytes)
Ready the winch...
Dcp_0568.jpg (28338 bytes)
Dcp_0569.jpg (17995 bytes) Dcp_0570.jpg (19484 bytes)
Ah!  Neck cramp!
Dcp_0572.jpg (19267 bytes)
Where's the wheel??
Dcp_0571.jpg (26851 bytes)
Dcp_0574.jpg (25096 bytes) Dcp_0573.jpg (24339 bytes)
Dcp_0576.jpg (43150 bytes) Dcp_0575.jpg (20157 bytes)


Dcp_0577.jpg (28062 bytes)





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