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Dcp_0512.jpg (15005 bytes)Memorial Day Weekend 2000 - The group gathered Sunday morning here on this farm in the Catskills where approximately 70 or so vehicles unloaded off of and out of trailers, aired down, disconnected swaybars, and basically prepped for the trail runs for the day.   The attendees of Rock Krawl 2000, hosted by OK Four Wheel Drive in Stewartsville N.J., grouped together in 3 groups.  Those groups were easy trails for beginners and stock vehicles, moderate trails for modified vehicles and those who were not worried about playing hard.   Finally, the Hardcore group.  This groups was to tackle the tougher trails and take on the rocky, metal bashing trails.  As a passenger riding along with Mike, webmaster and owner of www.jeepfan.com, we were in the middle group which overlapped many of the trails of the hardcore group.   All spring the northeast has been hit with constant rain which made for a quite muddy run through the valley along the creek that runs through the large percentage of the trails we were on.  Simply put, it was a mud fest.  Little connecting streams between a canal and the creek turned into quicksand that soon began swallowing almost everyone requiring gratuitous use of winches and push/pull power.

Rock Krawl 2000 Group Shot
Morning briefing before our departure to the trails.

Dcp_0513.jpg (15441 bytes) Dcp_0514.jpg (15570 bytes)

Pre-Trail Briefing

To those who I met at this event I say thanks for such a great time.  It was great slopping in the mud with everyone.  Special thanks to Mike H. of www.jeepfan.com for the invite.  It was fun being the passenger for a change. Also thanks to OK for hosting a great event.




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