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This Jeep appeared to have sprung a leak in the gas tank.
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This is Mike H., webmaster of www.jeepfan.com loading up his modified 78 CJ5.  I rode with Mike at least parts of the way through the trail when I wasn't playing catch up on foot after shooting video and taking photos when the opportunity was good.  As I was running past the CB equipped vehicles after taking pictures it was interesting to hear Mike up front over the CB ask, "Has anybody seen Ralph?"  Then I'd hear someone say, "Yeah he just ran by."  We rode close to the front of the pack which was good in most cases when the obstacles got progressively worse with each passing vehicle.  It was also nice to be able to jump out to snap a few pictures of the pack as it passed.  Thanks to those of you who had given me a lift in the back of the pack.  Saved me some leg work.

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