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Dcp_0550.jpg (20397 bytes)It looked innocent enough.  A small connecting stream between the upper wooded area and the creek.  The first 5 vehicles through the dip and over the logs had no problem.  But as every vehicle drove through and up the other side the embankment got slicker and slicker. This in turn forced the later rigs to have to apply some horses to get through.  That only made it worse.  Eventually we were looking at a 35 inch hole and some very soft, goopy mud.  The logs we threw in were swallowed up and actually just got in the way, threatening to jam into a wheel or hold back an otherwise valiant attempt at powering through the muck.  Eventually everyone made it though, most with some assistance.  Some used a well placed log, a good approach and some plain, simply petal to the metal to get through.  It was one of the highlight events on the trail runs for the day.  Everyone was having a great time watching one vehicle after another do their best.

Dcp_0551.jpg (25452 bytes) Dcp_0552.jpg (19129 bytes)
Time to winch out...
Dcp_0556.jpg (34817 bytes)

Some, while waiting in line for their shot
at the mud, played around on a hill.

Dcp_0554.jpg (16838 bytes)


DCP_0555.JPG (27043 bytes)

Dcp_0553.jpg (31661 bytes)

Dcp_0561.jpg (21753 bytes)

Meanwhile more Jeeps getting 
sucked up into the mud hole.

Dcp_0558.jpg (21065 bytes) Dcp_0559.jpg (18777 bytes)   
Dcp_0560.jpg (33270 bytes)    
Dcp_0557.jpg (27561 bytes)
Lined up...
Dcp_0562.jpg (33616 bytes) Dcp_0563.jpg (26353 bytes)
Dcp_0564.jpg (21081 bytes) Dcp_0565.jpg (23704 bytes)






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