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Engine Swaps

Two options:  Go through the mud or go OVER the mud.  Nobody had any problems going through the standing muddy water. But...are you brave enough to trust your spotter and brave enough to trust the quite flexy 35 foot logs?  Most took the water route.  A few creped across the logs including this beautifully restored 47 Willys CJ-2A pictured below.

Dcp_0665.jpg (14251 bytes)
Dcp_0666.jpg (29801 bytes) Dcp_0667.jpg (34519 bytes)
Dcp_0669.jpg (28932 bytes) Dcp_0670.jpg (22483 bytes)
Dcp_0671.jpg (36042 bytes) Dcp_0672.jpg (29648 bytes)
Dcp_0673.jpg (24858 bytes) Dcp_0674.jpg (19125 bytes)
Dcp_0675.jpg (16327 bytes) Dcp_0676.jpg (23162 bytes)
Dcp_0668.jpg (19731 bytes) Dcp_0677.jpg (19250 bytes)





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