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Engine Swaps

Dcp_0736.jpg (17224 bytes) Dcp_0737.jpg (15848 bytes)
Dcp_0738.jpg (23215 bytes) Dcp_0739.jpg (22457 bytes)
Dcp_0740.jpg (20965 bytes)
The rear bumper doubles as an air tank.
Dcp_0741.jpg (18979 bytes)
Dcp_0742.jpg (12274 bytes)
Dcp_0743.jpg (12776 bytes)
This was the one of the other two groups coming back a little after our group arrived.


Dcp_0744.jpg (18788 bytes) Dcp_0745.jpg (27450 bytes)
A future Offroader
Dcp_0749.jpg (16304 bytes) Dcp_0750.jpg (16989 bytes)





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