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In the low, flat areas the mud never ceased.  If you kept moving you were ok.  Just not too fast.  A slick rock or a slimmy root would easily push the vehicle to the side and into a tree, which did happen several times during the day.  Riding with Mike of www.jeepfan.com that nearly happened a few times.  A better approach and a spotter was usually a wise idea.

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The final obstacle for the day was a tight run through some trees all around which was thick, I mean thick like uncured cement, mud.  All this in front of the only exit out (so we were told).  Only one vehicle made it up the existing run up the center and that was the green CJ5 with the locked, narrow pizza-cutter Super Swampers.  The rest of the group either made a sharp right and took a newly scouted trail of lesser incline or shot right out of the barrel and took the windy line up though the trees and onto the upper trail.  This area is where most of the tree contact happened.  Several vehicles were helped with a sideways push to the right or left to prevent a side swipe of a tree.  Those who seriously tagged a tree were also the vehicles with pre-existing damage or had steel bumpers that could handle the impact. Mike Rauch stood ready to lend a helping hand at the base of the hill.

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