Project Jeep CJ-7 Specs & Mods

Project Jeep CJ-7 Specifications and Modifications

Project Jeep CJ-7

The budget Rebuild by Ralph Hassel
The complete build is documented
here on

This 1978 Jeep CJ-7 never started life as a complete Jeep; rather it was built completely from parts. The goal was to build a Jeep CJ-7 that was as close to an original Jeep CJ-7 in appearance as possible while upgrading weaker components with stronger components. Parts were acquired from many vehicles including many Jeeps (CJ’s, Wagoneers, Jeep Grand Cherokee’s, etc), several Scouts (axles, T-18A transmission & transfercase) as well as parts of unknown origin. Plenty of new parts were acquired as well to put together this Jeep. The titled, street legal Jeep was built over several years under a limited budget and limited time. The Jeep is primarily used offroad in the mountains of PA such as at Rausch Creek and the former Paragon Adventure Park as well as other privately owned hunting lands.  The entire build project is documented on as Project CJ-7. Specs and Mods below.

Jeep CJ-7

Specs & Mods:


AMC 360 C.I. (5.9 Liter) Crate Motor from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 14k miles on engine, HEI Ignition, True Dual Exhaust


Borg-Warner T-18A – Manual 4-speed, 6.32:1 1st gear, Rebuilt, Short Shaft Conversion, Centerforce II Clutch

Transfer Case:

Dana 20 – Rebuilt with Teralow Gears, 3.15:1 Low Range

Front Axle:

Dana 44 – Narrowed Wagoneer Wide Track, Scout axle shafts, CJ Dana 30 Outer Knuckles, Warn Hubs, PowerTrax No-Slip, Gear Ratio: 3.65

Rear Axle:

Dana 44 – 1976 Scout II, Detroit Locker, Gear Ratio: 3.65

Crawl Ratio:

61:1 (6.32 x 3.15 x 3.56 = 70:8)


BDS YJ Leaf Springs 3.5″ Lift, Double Military Wrap,Shackles 1.5” Lift
Custom Front Outboard Leaf Spring Hangers for Scout width Dana 44 axle

Body Lift:

1″ Polyurethane Body lift


Interco Super Swamper SSR 33×12.50×15 Mud Tires, full size spare


Jeep CJ OEM Laredo, Renegade Chrome Wheels, 15×8

Steering Modifications:

AGR High Performance Pump
AGR Superbox 2 Saginaw Power Steering Gearbox
Heavy Duty Saginaw Steering Gearbox Mounting Bracket
Custom Saginaw Gearbox Brace
HEAVY DUTY Six States Tie Rods, Flipped Tie Rod and Drag link


Tuffy Console Modifications Raised with additional Lockable Storage Below
Rear Seat Modifications, Raised and hinged with storage below & good place to mount 6×9 Speakers for Great Bass … In a Jeep!

Ammo Boxes for Storage Mounted with Quick Disconnects


Custom Made Front Bumper / Winch Mount, Bumper is an Air Tank, Air Outlet

Custom Made Rear Bumper / Tire Carrier / HiLift Jack Mount / Storage Rack, Bumper is an Air Tank with Air Outlet, Reese Hitch accommodations

Combined bumper air capacity is about 2 gallons of air.

Onboard Air:

Onboard Air – York AC Compressor Conversion, Pressure switch, 3 Air connection points (each bumper and under the hood), 1972 MACK Truck Air Horns

Armor, Skid Plates, Protection:

Sun Rocker Panel Guards

Warrior Rear 1/4 Panel Guards

Differential Guards

1/4 inch Steel skid plating protecting transmission and transfer case

Custom Oil Pan Skid Plate Protection

Custom U-Bolt Plates with Skid Protection

Full Roll-Cage, attached to frame


Warn 9500i, D-ring attach points front and rear bumpers


Lightforce Offroad Lights with H.I.D. Conversion 23,000 Volt High-intensity discharge Upgrade, Custom Wind shield mounts


Custom 12 Volt Ground Wire Backbone – Body & frame not the ground circuit
Relays for high amp circuits (Headlights, Highbeams, Spotlights)


Cobra 148 GTL 40 Channel CB Radio upper and lower sideband, power mic (original 1980’s unit, “tweaked”).  Also a backup Cobra 20 Plus CB

Mounted Garmin GMRS /FRS 

Other Modifications:     

Swaybar Modifications Scout Width 44 to CJ Frame

Bestop Softop and Bucket Seats

DIY Paint Job – ’77 Corvette Yellow

Rancho 9000 Adjustable Shocks

Rinoliner Interior

Hand Throttle from Bicycle Parts

MP3 Sound System

Rear Utility Lights

Jeep Project
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Project Jeep CJ-7 Specs & Mods

The budget Rebuild by Ralph HasselThe complete build is documentedhere on www.Offroaders.comThis 1978 Jeep CJ-7 never started life as a complete Jeep; rather it was built completely from parts. The goal was to build a […]

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  1. Yes that’s correct. In fact, it’s a Waggy d44 wide track cut down to the width of my scout axle shafts, which are inside the Waggy axle housing and fitted with CJ Dana 30 knuckles. It’s amazing that it all works considering it is a bit of a Frankenstein front axle.

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