Dana 44 Rear Axle Swapped onto a CJ-7 Frame

Scout II Dana 44 Rear Axle swap onto Project Jeep CJ-7

Jeep CJ-7 Dana 44 Rear Axle Swap

Continuing on from the front axle prep, the rear axle’s spring pad angle recorded and spring pads were removed.  That was followed up by an inspection of differential and rear drum brakes to make sure there wasn’t anything catastrophic that would make the axle unusable or unrepairable. Everything looked good.

By clamping a piece of angle iron to the spring pad I was able to measure the angle off of a flat surface on the housing.  When re-welding the new, wider, and stronger spring pads to the housing I planned to tilt the pinion angle higher towards the output of the transfer case, however I still wanted the angle location of the old pads as a reference if only for comparison.

Spring Pads cut off.  Ready to be cleaned and painted.  Before power washing the axles, I took a wire wheel on the angle grinder to both axles.  This was a very messy job.  Dust from the surface rust and dirt was everywhere.  I used a respirator to breath easier.  It was worth it though.  When it came to power washing the axles, they cleaned up very well with most of the surfaces rust and dirt gone.  Also I soaked both axles in Simple Green after wire wheeling them to break down the oil and grease for a better surface to prime and paint.

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