Another Cool Use For Hard Drive Magnets

Here’s another tip from the Hard Drive Magnet Guy on how to make clever use of those Super Strong magnets found in every old hard drive.  Inside every hard drive is an extremely strong, nickel plated ceramic magnet.   Put that extreme magnetism to work and let it keep your screw bits securely attached to your battery or electric drill.

Most of us have a computer and if we have an old computer or two lying around and if you don’t you probably know someone who does.  Take the hard drive out of the old computer and use the tips below to extract the magnet or magnets from the drive.

Now you will take a look at your drill or screw gun and find a screw that can be removed.  Locate a good place to drill a hole in the metal plate.  You may not want to remove the magnet from the metal plate because the plate will be the best place to drill a hole and secure it to the screw gun.  Mount the plate so that the flanges of the plate stick out away from the screw gun.  Though the magnet is very strong, these will help keep the screw bits from getting knocked off the magnet.


There you have it, another tip from the Hard Drive Magnet Guy.  For more Cheap Tricks and Useful Tips:

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