What is a Mud Terrain Tire?

MT Tires on Rocks

Mud Tires – MUD TIRES or MT are as you might have gathered from the name, designed to perform most specifically in the mud. But when you look at the tread design of many mud tires, they generally perform well in other conditions such as on the rocks, in deeper snow, as well as in loose gravel and in the softer, constantly changing terrain of the wooded trails. This is because mud tires are usually designed from a softer compound with wider gaps between large lugs, which grab onto anything it can hook one of its lug edges around. They are especially effective when aired down.

Off-road in the Woods

MT tread designs typically are what make or break a mud tire and vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Drawbacks of the MT Mud Terrain tire are they perform less optimally on the highway especially in the rain where the wide lug pattern results in less of a tire footprint on the road.  Even worse, the MT can be downright dangerous in icy conditions. Mud tires also tend to wear quicker than an all terrain or a street tire.  Another factor of a Mud Terrain tire is the on-highway noise level, which can be considerably higher than All Terrain especially after the Mud Terrain Tire wears down with highway use.

Browse the Mud-terrain tire reviews on Offroaders.com to read opinions and experience of owners of tires you are interested in. Reviews of Mud Terrain Tires by Manufacturers including:

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  • Toyo Tires

The following information will hopefully help you in making your decisions about what type of off-road tires you should (and shouldn’t) purchase. Follow the links below to:





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