Mike Cool’s 450hp NOS Injected 1950 CJ3A

Mike Cool's CJ3A Engine

Mike Cool from Piketon Ohio sends in pictures of his sweet 1950 CJ3A. Mike has this to say about his CJ3A project.

Mike Cool's 1950 CJ-3A

The Jeep had a rough life for some 8 years wheeling the local 4×4 haunts of southern Ohio and it was looking pretty rough and was needed some serious TLC. In early 2005. I stripped it down to the frame and this is the end product after nearly 2 years work.

Mike Cool's 1950 CJ-3A

The 283 Chevy was built by Shell racing Engines and will produce over 450hp with the help of a little NOS.

Mike Cool's 1950 CJ-3A

M21 Muncie 4 speed with Advanced Adapters help sends all that power to a Dana model 18t case that uses a AA Saturn overdrive.

Muncie M20 4-speed

The rear end is a Dana 44 with Detroit locker and 4:56 gears

Mike Cool's CJ3A

The Body is a light weight fiberglass unit with tilt front end from Terra Comp.

Mike Cool's CJ3A fiberglass body

Well that hits the high spots. I could go on for a while if I listed everything that has been done to it. I will say this 450hp in an 81″ wheel base jeep that weighs barely 2000 lbs is a lot of fun!

Mike Cool's CJ3A

283 Chevy Engine

450hp 283 Chevy

Mike Cool's CJ-3A

Mike Cool's CJ-3A

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