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Rausch Creek Offroad Park - Joliett, Pennsylvania
April 4th.  Barely into spring and coming out of a long drab winter.  Buds are just starting to show up on the trees back home, but not up here in the coal country mountains.   On a weekend where we were very likely to have hit or miss weather, a small group of friends in Jeeps descended on Rausch Creek for a day of 4 wheeling fun. 

Arriving early in the morning at the staging area, we met on a blustery day with 25-25 mph winds and overcast.  Not ideal weather to tow 5000 lbs up the interstate.  Also not a good day to take the top down on the Jeep but the temp was on its way up with a few peeks of sunshine possible.  Typical spring weather up in the PA coal country mountains.

Our group for the day consisted of eight Jeeps, 3 4-Door Jeep JKs, 3 Keep TJs, and a bumble-bee yellow CJ-7.  Most of the Jeeps were unmodified bone-stock with drivers that had never been offroad before.   Our plan for the day was to stick to the easier trails to give the new to wheeling Jeep pilots just enough to challenge them.  The nice thing about Rausch Creek is that along many of the easy trails were challenging sections with the easy trail being the bypass around.  This gave the modified Jeeps a chance to have some fun while the stockers could stay on the mild trail.  The modified Jeeps were Mike's Jeep JK Rubicon (www.jeepfan.com) and the 1978 Jeep CJ-7 "Budget Build".

Thanks to Mike at Jeepfan.com for the invite and his share of the photos of our day on the trails at Rausch Creek.







Project CJ-7

The documentation of a several year project building a Jeep CJ-7 piece by piece.  From restoration of stock parts like the frame, body, engine and driveline components to upgraded aftermarket improvements over stock to custom fabrication and design ideas.  Read More

This video of our day was put together by our
good friend Mike over at www.Jeepfan.com who
drove the black 2007 Jeep JK Rubicon.


Rausch Creek Offroad Park
OK Auto, 4wd & Tire hosted their weekend-long Rock Krawl and Open House event.  We spent the weekend hanging out at the Open House and then it was off to Rausch Creek for a day of Rock Krawling, 4 Wheeling Fun with a great group friends!

Jeep Show Coverage:

2008 All Breeds Jeep Show
This year's 13th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show was held July 19-20, 2008 at the York Fairgrounds - Expo Center in York, PA.  The show was great as always!  More Here



Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show 2007 Jeff Daniel's Jeep in Harleysville, PA held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 22nd 2007. The show was a great one and the perfect cap to an awesome summer. more on the show Here

2007 All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA - Bigger and Better than Ever, the 12th annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York PA proved to be the best yet in it's 12 years with an incredible number of Jeeps, vendors, activities, and action on the course.  Enough to get any Jeep fanatic's blood pumping.  The show was July 21, 22, 2007 Saturday & Sunday and took place at the York Expo Center - York, PA.  Scenes from the Event.

Coverage of the
Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show
What better way to cap off a great summer, than with a Jeep show.  Jeff Daniel's held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 30th 2006 and other than a few showers now and then it turned out to be a great show with loads of fun and great Jeeps everywhere!  Check out the Full report Here

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