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The Mud Hole.  We always seem to come back here every trip.  It's another one of those fun spots that are great to play in or watch others play in.  Ken had to figure out a way to get his bone stock TJ across.  There's little doubt that he'll need a pull but who knows, he might get lucky and find a way across if he picks the right line.  Stephen had already made his way to the other side via a steep hill climb just before the mud hole. 
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Eric then found a way across with little effort, just lots of RPMs and a locked diff.  Paul in the primered Jeep CJ5, just drove across like it was nothing.  Must be the Super Swamper Boggers and the lockers. 

My Yellow CJ-7 could have idle out of the mud hole with just a little mud on the axles and MT SSRs but I had the idea that I was going to get over to the other side of the hole and come out on the side closest to the stream.  So I backed down and gave it a shot.  When the Jeep wanted to get locked into the mud and it just didn't seem I was going to cut over to get a good angle out of the hole, I decided to get it over to the exit where I know I could get out.  But the ruts had a different idea.  I couldn't get it to turn the way I wanted and had to throw mud all over the place.  As everyone backed away from the hailstorm of muck, I extracted the Jeep.  The amount of Mud on it afterwards was a sight to see.

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