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Defying Superstition.   When we were discussing when exactly we were going to schedule our annual spring 4x4 trip up to the mountains of Pennsylvania, it seemed this trip was destined to occur on a Friday the 13th.  Now most people wouldn't be too concerned about an old superstition like that but then again, who really wants to tempt the mystical unknown especially when you're going to take a bunch of 4x4 vehicles out to thrash around the mountain trails, miles from the middle of nowhere.  But instead of whimping out with our tail between our legs, we figured it would kind of be the theme for the weekend, a Friday the 13th weekend.  So packed and loaded, we trekked 250 miles up the PA Turnpike and across Rt 80 while some headed up 322 over to 80.  Friday the 13th certainly was a nice day for the hike.  All along the way we chatted on our standard offroad CB channel - channel 13.

As always, enjoy the pictures and keep in mind all the pictures link to a larger version, just click on it.

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Our Friday group arrive around mid afternoon safe and sound at the cabin and met up with Stephen and his pyromaniac daughter Amie who was having a little too much fun with a lighter.  They had come up the night before with one of two guys in our group named Ken and camped out in their camper.

Paul was prepared to do an upgrade to his 66 CJ5 in the way of installing electric wipers to replace the non-working vacuum actuated wipers.  Once the upgrade was completed, we were underway towards the trails.

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One of the first stops we like to go to up here is an ever evolving little hole we call The Pit.  It amounts to a small, basin like, hole in the ground that has hills all around it, which are fun as heck to climb all over.  Some of the short hills are quit steep, a few others are not too bad.  Some of the hills a vehicle or two has been known to get air-borne off of.  

Jeff was having fun with his newly purchased 4 wheel drive, independent suspension Quad.  I had a chance later to take his quad out for a spin and it certainly was a fun ride to say the least.

Our Friday afternoon cruise out before dinner consisted of Stephen in  his Land Cruiser, Ralph in a Jeep CJ-7, Jeff on his Quad and Paul behind the wheel of an early model CJ5.  Later Friday evening a few more arrivals showed up, Steve and Ken in Ken's new, bone stock TJ and Eric in his Wrangler Rubicon.

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Dcp_3783.jpg (60262 bytes) Dcp_3784.jpg (58526 bytes) We played around The Pit for a little while and then decided to head over to The Trench, a long spring fed water hole.  Soon after we  headed down to a clearing we call the Tree Stand, named after an old deer tree stand perched up in a tree over looking the valley. 
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