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Getting close to dinner time. 
On our way back up out of the valley, heading away from the Tree Stand, we decided to take a small side trail that Jeff Scouted out and reported back that it reconnected back up with the main trail.  It wasn't too over grown and looked passable.  So we headed down.  Behind Jeff, Paul in his CJ5 with front and rear lockers turning 33" Super Swamper Boggers, serious Mud Tires, had no trouble climbing up the couple hundred feet of soft, grassy trail.  I on the other hand had to apply moderate amounts of throttle to ascend the hill. My Super Swamper SSRs had broke the grass loose and under the grass was soft, slimy mud.  Heading up hill, trying to get over logs with slimy mud covering everything made quite a challenge.  In a few of the shots it looks like I had a tire or two off the ground as the Jeep bucked bronco style over the logs and struggled for traction.  Thanks to the fresh AMC 360 and the Super Swampers though, I got a little further with each attempt and finally made it to the top.


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More throttle outta ... do it ... this time.

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Never mess with an 11 year old 
swinging a jagged stick.
Next up was Stephen in his Land Cruiser.  I think you can made the turn at the top Stephen. Its not too sharp.  Now Stephen's Land Cruiser had lockers front and rear along with Super Swamper SSRs so getting up wasn't a huge challenge but it did make for some interesting steering as the nose of the Land Cruise darted towards a tree. So He had to back up and give it a more direct shot.  Once up towards the top there's a sharp right dog-leg bend that required a 4 point turn, then up to the main trail.  One interesting thing was an exhaust leak Stephen had in his muffler that made his Toyota Land Cruiser sound like it had a turbo diesel as it whistled up the hill.  Pretty cool sound if you ask me.  I wouldn't fix the leak anytime soon. 100_2576.jpg (71269 bytes)
100_2577.jpg (78423 bytes) 100_2578.jpg (81919 bytes) 100_2579.jpg (71731 bytes)
100_2580.jpg (93932 bytes) 100_2581.jpg (75016 bytes) 100_2582.jpg (83114 bytes)
100_2583.jpg (85296 bytes) 100_2584.jpg (69636 bytes) Ok, enough if that fun stuff.  It's time for some good eats.



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