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Well, we didn't intend it to be 13 pages.  It just happened to layout that way.   I guess we're just lucky, that's all.  As Saturday wound down and we headed back to camp after another great dinner at the Central Hotel (Stephen got the mushrooms this time), we reflected on a great spring weekend up here.  With the camp fire burning, the sun going down and a few guys taking turns running Jeff's Quad around, we started packing and loading up for the 250 mile trip home Sunday morning.  Always a good time coming up here.  Friends, family, trails, mud and 4x4s.  Ain't life great?  With a little luck we'll meet here again soon.



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A future 4 wheeler? Think Jeep Amy.

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While we were heading out of the valley late Saturday, I somehow lost my Paragon Flag which was firmly attached to my CB antenna.  It probably got hooked on a tree branch and ripped the flag off, taking the tip of the antenna with it.  I backtracked, looking for it assuming it would be easy to find (along with looking for my spotlight lens cover).  I didn't find either.

Months later...
Stephen returns during a weekend trip back to his place, only to find the flag hanging on his gate.  While its possible that someone up here knows us by sight as we head in and out of the gates and figured it was our flag, we still have to wonder who found it and how they knew where to return it.  I had to have lost it at least a mile or more down in the valley.  So anyway I just want to thank whom ever it was that returned it.  It was a shock to see it when Stephen dropped it off.





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