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This is the Trench.  The Trench isn't too bad if you want to slosh through some muddy water.  Lately it's been kind of tame as where in the past it seemed to be evil.  Maybe it was the hidden large rocks in the Trend that used to break and dent things.  Either the rocks aren't in there anymore or our tires are just larger. 


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Winter time this trench becomes an icy mess, frozen on top, thawed underneath due to the spring feed of water. 
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Where's Ken?
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Ah, there he is, hey when nature 
calls, nature calls.  Then again he 
was riding in Paul's kidney jarring 
Jeep CJ5.
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Uh... wrong turn Jeff or just checking
if reverse works?
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Heading off down into the valley, we skirted an area of the main trail that had been washed out late last year in some heavy rain.  Last fall this area had been so badly washed out that the trail had to be bypassed because it was impossible to navigate the section.  Coincidentally the trip last fall was cut short due to a gas leak in my carburetor and a lack of other vehicles on the trip. Basically there was only two vehicles and without my Jeep, it was one vehicle.  Because its not wise to travel remote trails in one vehicle, we opted to cruise around in Jeff's Scion and we visited a few locate places like Bilgers Rocks and the Curwensville Dam.  This spring though the trail has seemed to fill itself back in and was passable.  So we headed down towards the Tree Stand.



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