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Saturday morning.  Steve, Ken and Eric arrived last night adding two TJs, one a Rubicon, to the group.  First order of business this morning was to decide where to go for breakfast.  Amie wanted to go to Arby's.  Something tells me she likes the ham.  But fortunately for the pigs, she lost the debate and we went to Perkins instead.  With a good breakfast under our belt and a few coffees to go, the day kicked off with another trip to the Pit with 6 vehicles and 9 people. 

Jeeps are starting to become popular these days.  A  Jeep Wrangler TJ, a Jeep Rubicon, a Jeep CJ-5 and a Jeep CJ-7 were our for some fun.  Ken's white TJ (the new Mr. Clean) needed to be broken in.  Eric in his Jeep Rubicon, had a new set of Goodyear MT Mud Terrains that need to see some mud.  Paul's slowly disintegrating CJ-5 was hanging in there for the weekend.  My 78 Jeep CJ-7 was slowly loosing its fear of getting muddy and with the carburetor problems fixed, it was running like a champ.  Jeff's 4x4 Quad with independent suspension looked like a blast to ride.  Hopefully those strong thunderstorms with large hail won't pass through this area today.




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This Pit is a fun compact spot to play.  You do what you want to do, hit the hills you want to hit.  Or you just hang out and watch.  Either way it's a nice place to warm up.


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After the Pit playing was over, we headed down into the valley, towards the old location of the Bridge that is slowly dissapearing.
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