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Friday night and we worked up an appetite.  Its become a tradition on these trips to head down to the Central Hotel in Curwensville PA for THE Best Delmonico Steak in Clearfield County.  Broiled to perfection.  A side order of steak fries and a few cold draft Yuenglings and we're feeling mighty fine.  Stephen was a little shocked that he forgot to order the mushrooms on the steak, only noticing after he ate it all.  Tomorrow night he won't forget.


P1007257.jpg (39580 bytes)    P1007254.jpg (36216 bytes)


After Dinner we decided, as almost always now, to play a few game on the pool table.  We got into a few game with some of the locals and had a grand ole time getting our butts kicked by a fella named Roger.  Roger seems to have played a few racks before, making some great shots look easy.


We actually didn't do too bad thanks to a few lucky shots on our part and a few unlucky shots on Rogers part.  But it was all in good fun and it made for an interesting Friday night down at the Central Hotel.

P1007255.jpg (25446 bytes)
P1007256.jpg (29283 bytes)

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P1007260.jpg (22847 bytes)
P1007261.jpg (30060 bytes)
Roger wanted to get a group shot of us all at the end of the game so we set the timer on the camera and clicked one off.  It was a fun time and I know Roger said he was going to check out the web site so here's a shout out to Roger.  It was fun kicking your butt all over the pool table Roger.  ;-) Click the pictures if you want a close up.
P1007262.jpg (34871 bytes)
P1007263.jpg (30347 bytes) P1007264.jpg (36804 bytes) P1007264b.jpg (87491 bytes)



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