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Trekking up the valley, we were heading towards the Tree Stand again, only from the opposite direction.  Up a long, steep, rocky trail where we once pulled a Wrangler with a blown engine up - not too long ago.

This time we didn't have anything serious to complain about.  For a Friday the 13th weekend, luck was on our side.  Plenty of fun to be had.  Plenty of Pictures too.  I can't believe how many pictures Stephen took.  That took a while to edit all those.  I thought I had a lot.

As Paul made his way back to camp, the toll of another weekend and 40 years of rust caused the body to sag enough to make contact between the steering linkage and the bottom of the [new] radiator, putting a small hole in it.  Paul made it back to camp but as the vital fluid leaked out into a bucket, Paul was making funeral arrangements for this old CJ.  Plans are to bring it home and re-enforce the body to the frame, which is in good shape.  What happens after that are still up in the air.  There's talk of an older Toyota Land Cruiser so the CJ may see light duty after that.


Dcp_3940.jpg (76562 bytes)

P1007313.jpg (79326 bytes)

P1007312b.jpg (63166 bytes)  
This long, steep, loose rock hill has been a challenge at times.  Like when we had to winch a crippled YJ up it.  Twice.  Two separate YJs, two separate trips.  One with a blown motor, the other with a snapped axle.
P1007312.jpg (75199 bytes)
What are these pictures of??  Well Paul brought along a boomerang that I interestingly made a few years ago.  After the first throw, it cracked in half.  But a few good wraps of electrical tape had it back together.  I then commenced to throw the said boomerang all over this large field as I chased it and built up a sweat.  What was I thinking?  There ain't no showers up here.  Oh well, it was fun.
P1007315.jpg (10277 bytes) P1007314.jpg (16267 bytes)
P1007311.jpg (52966 bytes)

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Caught ya Ken.

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What the heck is a low rider Scion doing up here??  How about hauling a 4x4 Quad that kicked butt all weekend.
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