You’ll be amazed at this Mini WWII Willys Military Jeep Go Cart with matching Bantam Trailer

Mini WWII 1/3 Scale Willys Jeep
Mini WWII 1/3 Scale Willys Jeep

A few nights ago as I pondered the idea of converting my aging riding Lawn mover into a mowerless Jeep lawn tractor, stumbled upon what has to be the most amazing just-for-fun Jeep project I’ve ever seen.  So amazing in fact, that I spent several days thinking about making one myself with all that spare time I have (yea, all zero hours of it).  As I read the project comments and studied the photos and watched the video, I started adding up the amount of time this guy has invested in his amazing mini WWII Military Jeep.  It literally has to be thousands of hours, fabricating, planning, cutting, welding, everything.  Flat out amazing….

The serious need for a bathroom remodeling project this summer and the buildup of my Rubicon X soon snapped me back to reality and I resigned the notion of a mini Jeep go cart to the “someday when I have nothing to do” project list.  But none the less, the fabrication creativity that went into this mini Military Jeep complete with a matching Bantam Trailer just blew me away.  I couldn’t resist but to blog about it.  A seriously Jeep wave goes out to Bryan Schneider of Vestal NY, otherwise known as Jeep2003 on the Old Mini Bikes Forum.  I salute you for building what the kid in every Jeep guy would love to build, own and play with.

Bryan on his 1/3 scale mini WWII Willys Jeep
Bryan on his 1/3 scale mini WWII Willys Jeep

Bryan’s mini WWII Army Jeep was built to 1/3 scale and completely hand fabricated from spare parts and scrap steel of various machines and mechanisms with the exception of a 99cc catalog engine.  His documented work can be found online at the following website pages as well as a Youtube video of his Mini WWII Jeep in action.  For more information, visit these forum pages.

Old Mini Bike Forum Build Page One

Old Mini Bike Forum Build Page Two

 Photo and Video Credits: Bryan Schneider



  1. I stumbled upon this today and I’m positively astounded and intrigued at this project! I’ve worked on small engine projects for years and have built a few go carts and rebuilt some mini bikes and mowers. I’m a welder and I definitely am into Jeeps. I just may have to do seomthing similar to this little Jeep! Love it! Good job Bryan!

  2. Hello! Shout out from Austin Texas to Bryan Schneider! Awesome Mini Jeep! Truly remarkable achievement!

    Offroaders, I’ve been a fan of your website for a while. Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

  3. I am genuinely amazed at this little project Jeep. Well Done! It looks so real without a scale reference.

  4. Holy Mini GP’s! That build is amazing! I’d pay good money for that little Jeep! Wish is Had the time to build something like that but life has got me too busy! Kudos to Bryan for such a cool project.

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