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History of the Rubicon Trail

Yungas Road - The Road to Death

Memories of Robinson Clay and "The Pit" in Pottstown, PA.

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Strange sightings on Google Maps, Google Earth - Rainbow Airplanes

Google Maps Captures Rainbow Airplanes in Flight

Rainbow Airplanes!
Every once in a while something new and cool is discovered on Google Earth or Google Maps.  Here is a few of those satellite captures that boggles the mind.  To the right are screenshots of some chance captures of jet airliners in flight across the country.  You can clearly see the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue satellite photo ghosting effect along with a silver outline of the large jet in flight.  Very cool indeed!  See Other rainbow airplanes caught in flight below. 


So... why does the plane's image appear as a rainbow?  The rainbow effect of the airplane in motion is five photos in quick succession, through gray, red, yellow, green, and blue filters. This process is how some color satellite images are generated.  More Below!


Rainbow airplane over Baltimore MD

Rainbow Airplane over Hyde Park Chicago Ill.

Seattle Washington over Roosevelt Way

South Carolina Rainbow Airplane

See Other rainbow airplanes caught in flight:




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