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Ring Rocks Roller Skating Rink
in Pottstown, PA


Mom & Pops

Ringing Rocks Roller Rink is a historic, old time, roller skating rink dating back approximately a century. Located just outside of the north end of Pottstown PA, the Ringing Rocks Roller Rink is a childhood favorite for many people. Ringing Rocks Roller Rink is famous for a boulder field just below the rink that was a glacier deposit from the ice age. These boulders, or rocks as the Rink's name says, will actually RING when struck with a hammer! If you have a fond memory of the rink or enjoy going to this historic place, drop us an email!

Do you remember these ...
(thanks everyone on the Facebook Group for the memories in the posts):

  • The boulder field of "Ringing" Rocks below the parking lot.

  • Organ Music

  • The hit or miss rental skates and ...
    Do you remember your favorite number that you'd request if you got there on time?

  • Three sessions, 1-4pm, 4-7pm and 7-10pm

  • The concrete and rock walls that could do some serious damage if you ran into them.

  • The murals on the walls. A few years ago I talked the current owners (managers) who are actually friends I went to high school with and they say above the drop ceiling, there is another 20 to 30 feet up to the windows at the top and some of those murals extend up there. They haven't been seen since the drop ceiling was put in many decades ago.

  • Playing Pinball on Rollerskates

  • The foot long Charleston Chews

  • Now-and-Laters

  • Up the treacherous stairs to the Kids Rink and skating in circles around those poles.

  • Pops - the owner who ran the place

  • The races they would have in the middle of the session where you would get a Now-and-Later if you won.

  • Little Kenny who could out race a lot of the big kids.

  • The way Pops would put on the organ music as punishment if people would skate too fast.

  • The rectangle pizzas.

  • New Years Eve and the free food.

  • Games like: The Hokey Pokey and Limbo

  • Skating Couples, Treos, and them All Skate!

Ringing Rocks Roller Rink
1000 Ringing Rocks Park
Pottstown, PA 19464
(610) 323-6560








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