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Abandoned Places

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Abandoned Places
Photographs by Henk van Rensberge of abandoned hospitals, factories and other old buildings, derelict and overgrown.

Ontario Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places
Ghost towns in Ontario provides photographs, history and stories of old towns.

Abandoned Places
Interesting Photographs of abandoned buildings, and other places

Abandoned Buildings
Grave Addiction abandoned buildings page. ... Abandoned Building Photos.
Corpsewood Manor - Trion, Georgia (Photos taken by Britt Todd)

Photo base of abandoned plants, unfinished buildings, and industrial sites.

Rob Yasinsac's Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.
Hudson Valley Ruins. Ruins. Abandoned Buildings. Hudson River Valley. Abandoned
Buildings in New York. Briarcliff Lodge. Briarcliff Manor.

Haunted Abandoned Buildings
A list of the highly-sought-after abandoned AND haunted buildings and places in
Ohio. These are the best because they're so atmospheric.

Forgotten Detroit
A study of several historically significant abandoned buildings in Detroit Michigan including historical material and recent interior and exterior

Ghost Towns, abandoned buildings and cabins
Old Buildings - Victor Valley / Lucerne Valley Abandoned b/reflections-of-and-on-abandoned.html">Scraps of Moscow: Reflections of, and on, abandoned buildings

Photograph oooooouuuu gallery of abandoned buildings in Japan
Photograph gallery of abandoned buildings in Japan. This Japanese language site has lots of interior and exterior photos.

The Urban Exploration Ring
Extended photographic essays on abandoned buildings in Great Britain, ...
Passes checker test Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern New York ...

Abandoned Places
The idea of photographing old and abandoned places and buildings first came into my mind late July 2002, when I came across a web site with this same interest....more...

opuszczone means abandoned: a site devoted to unusual, mysterious places. Buildings, factories, churches... From Poland.


Dscf0058.jpg (86914 bytes)

The zine about going places you're not supposed to go, like tunnels, abandoned
buildings, rooftops, hotel pools and more.

Abandoned Places
Photographs From Abandoned Places & Other Remote Locations.

Abandoned Buildings of the Northeast
Photographs, including a brief history of abandoned ruins in the Northeast, US. Featuring the Franklin County Poorhouse, Norwich State Hospital

Montreal's Abandoned Buildings
Descriptions and pictures of abandoned buildings in Montreal, PQ.

Abandoned Buildings Links
Abandoned Buildings of the American Midwest. 

abandoned buildings, photographs, palladium prints
Abandoned Buildings. Bon Air Motel, Williamstown, Ohio. Abandoned Farmhouse

Botic drain - Prague 2003
Deserted buildings are rare in The Netherlands. Especially in the area where I live where every square meter is immediately reused and civilized. 

Breaking Into Abandoned Buildings for Fun and Profit

Infiltration: New York
Abandoned Stations - Database-style presentation of facts and pictures related

Urban Adventure 
Deserted buildings, military sites, factories, warehouses… really various results from the evocative explorations of Petr Kazil.

Abandoned buildings, dismissed factories, wasted hospitals... Henk van Rensbergen photos are an exciting portrait of absence. Objects, volumes, bare shapes surviving to time. Photos of emotions. 

What is urban exploration?... a way of seeing the city by its hidden side. Technical galleries, attics, construction places, roofs, all those  "No Entry" places form a sort of parallel deserted town... 

abandoned buildings
B/W photos with notes of deserted buildings and wasted plants.

Lab Wan's Abandoned Places
Urban exploring / photography. Castles, military hospitals, forgotten places in B/W by Luc Van Den Bosch.

Deserted Farms
Deserted farms all around Iceland

The Silent Wall
Photographic journal from urban explorations in and around Helsinki. But also a timeline of Winter War and Continuation War, and Germany between 1930 to 1945:  pictures from the collection of Kimmo Nummela.

Future is waiting for us. With hollow skeletons or downsized ugly creatures with bulgy eyes - it's not important. Important thing is that there will be a footprint left. Footprint of civilization. Cement, metal and dust not claimed by anyone.

The Institutional Green
A photo gallery site showcasing photographs taken while urban exploring.

Klaus Lipinski's SPLITSITE
Dismissed & still working plants, factories & other from West Germany, collected by Klaus Lipinski.

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Ghost Towns
Visit Ghost Towns across America
Abandoned PA Turnpike
Did you know Pennsylvania has an abandoned Turnpike?
Defunct Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks of Yesterday
Abandoned Places
Abandoned Locations from all over
Area 51 - Groom Lake
The Top-secret military base.




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