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The High Tech sport of modern day Treasure Hunting!  Through the use GPS receivers, Hunt for Hundreds of thousands of treasures hidden right under your nose!

Read More here: About Geocaching

Handheld GPS Navigation Reviews
Read reviews of handheld GPS and leave reviews of your own.



Satellite Images, Weather, Maps, Web Cams, Internet Radio all are great ways to explore the world from your desktop.

- Google Local -
Maps, Directions, Satellite imagery

Also see:  Google Earth, Google Earth Plus
and Google Earth Pro

terraserver.gif (12917 bytes)

The world's largest online database of satellite images take from space.  Search by town, state and country to view your neighborhood from the Spin-2 and USGS (United States Geographical Survey) satellites.  Images can be downloaded.  TerraServer contains 1.01 terabytes of data compressed. Uncompressed the data is a whopping 3.7 terabytes. Very impressive site.

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ssec.gif (6802 bytes)

Space Science and Engineering Center - Realtime data of NOAA GOES-10 Satellite Images, Sea Surface Temperatures, Forcast Satellite Images, Volcano Watch of the world's ten most active volcanoes and much more.




These links are sites that provide online viewing of maps. - Experience Fall in Pennsylvania from live Web Cams throughout Pennsylvania's beautiful wooded places and parks.

Many radio stations around the world broadcast not only over the air but also simucast their broadcast over the internet.  Visit some of these stations and listen to live radio from a station almost anywhere in the world.

Requires Real Audio Player.  Download free using link to the right.
Listen to the BBC





oracle.jpg (3101 bytes)
Internet Oracle - If you're looking for something or someone on the internet - this is the place to go.
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The one and only Weather Channel.  Very extensive real time weather information for all over the world.




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