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Deliberate breeding of two different breeds of dog results in a crossbreed, which is the combination of the best traits and characteristics of each of the two parent breeds of dog, commonly called a crossbreed or crossbreeds, crossbred, designer dogs, or Hybrid dog breed in animal breeding.



Hybrid Dog Breeds - Hybrid Dogs - Crossbreds - Cross Breed Dogs

When you examine the history of domesticated dogs, specific breeds were the eventual result of mated pairs of dogs with desirable traits or lack undesirable of traits.  When the desired dog is attained, it became the breed.  A hybrid dog, commonly called a crossbreed or crossbred in the breeding of animals, is taking this process a step a further by breeding two purebred dog breeds together.  The resulting offspring often results in a healthier, stronger animal with desired traits.  This effect is called Hybrid Vigor, also called heterosis, which is increased vigor or other superior qualities arising from the crossbreeding of genetically different animals.

Many of the hybrid dog breeds have been given interesting names that are sometimes a combination of the two parent breed names, such as the Goldendoodle, which is a combination of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle purebred dog breeds.  To continue the targeted "new" breed of dog, the hybrid dogs are bred with other hybrid dogs of the same parent dog breeds.  Additional generations of the hybrid dog lose the advantage of hybrid vigor.  Eventually the hybrid dog crossbreeds may eventually be recognized as a separate purebred line of dog in the world of purebred breeds.

Today some hybrid dogs are selectively bred with less regard to maintaining the breed.  These are often referred to as designer dogs and are generally seen as a controversial, over priced mixed breed dog.  While the intentional breeding of known purebred dogs is considered a new practice, it is actually the continuation of the process by which all dog breeds were created, the process of selective breeding.  Many argue that over the centuries, the process of purebred selective breeding of narrow lines of genetic variations in current dog breeds has produced un-health offspring where detrimental recessive genes have surfaced. This is especially true if the parent dogs were closely related. This inbreeding among purebreds has made many of the offspring susceptible to a variety of genetic health problems.  With dog hybrids, new lines of genes are introduced with the hopeful effect of improving health as well as introducing desirable traits.

Below are some of the well-know Dog Hybrids.


A dog with unspecified or complex genetic lines is considered a mixed breed dog, also called mutt or mongrel, which is not the same as a hybrid dog.  A Hybrid or crossbred dog has known parents of two different purebred breeds or parents of the same hybrid breed.  In the USA, owners of mixed-breed dogs refer to their dogs as "All American" when involved in competitive sports.

Hybrid Name Hybrid of these two Dog Breeds
Labradoodle Labrador Retriever Poodle
Goldendoodle Golden Retriever Poodle
Catahoula Bulldog Catahoula Leopard Dog American Bulldog
Cavapoo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle
Cockapoo American Cocker Spaniel Poodle
Deagle Dachshund Beagle
Cockernese Cocker Spaniel Havanese
Dorgi Dachshund Welsh Corgi
Schnug Pug Schnauzer
Schnoodle Schnauzer Poodle
Maltepoo Maltese Poodle
Pom-a-poo Pomeranian Poodle
Bug Boston Terrier Pug
Poogle Poodle Beagle
Puggle Pug Beagle
Yorkie Pin Yorkshire Terrier Miniature Pinscher
Shih-poo Shih Tzu Poodle

Throughout the history of selective dog breeding, all breeds were originally bred for a particular purpose such as herding, hunting, or guarding.  In today's life, the original need for these purpose breeds have for the most part been replaced with a need for a healthy animal with good temperaments as domesticated pets and companions.  With hybrid dogs, the breeding of two parent breeds often produces offspring with the better traits of both parents.  This has resulted in an increase in popularity of hybrid dogs where a desirable mix of traits occurs.  However generations of breeding a particular breed has resulted in very predictable traits and characteristics in a breed from one dog to the next.  With hybrid dogs, most are first generation crosses only and are usually not taken any further to actually develop into a selectively bred "breed".  With most instances of hybrid dogs, the selection process involves selecting the two purebred breeds to be the parents.  In many cases the Poodle breed is one of the two breeds selected along with many other breeds as the alternate parent.

One of the more popular examples of hybrid breeding is the Labradoodle.  The Labradoodle arose out of a need for a guide dog for visually impaired people who suffered from allergies.  In the high dollar business of dog breeding and hybrid puppy breeding, the popularity of Labradoodles has resulted in some breeders looking for only profit and less for the development of a breed of hybrid dogs that demonstrate the desired traits and characteristics that the original Labradoodle breeders were attempting to standardize such as the hypo-allergenic coat.  This can be attributed largely to the pups consisting only of 1st or 2nd generation crosses and not holding the breeding to a standard.

Main breed registries do not recognize hybrid dogs because they only register purebred dogs.  New dog breeds must have a breed club that documents the ancestry of all individual members of that breed from its founding original dogs of the breed.  Kennel clubs will review a potentially new breed that the breed club is attempting to register.  When the kennel club is satisfied that the dogs are of purebred lines and quality, they will accept and register the new breed of dog.  All kennel clubs have their own rules regarding how to document a potential new breed of dog.

One of the major reasons people want a registered dog breed would be so they can participate in dog sports such as dog shows.  Although many organizations that have shows do not require a dog to be purebred in order to register for the participation in the show, the exception would be the sport of conformation showing that has the requirement of dogs to be highly standardized and registered as a purebred.

Dog Hybrids are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (hence the name).  There are also a number of hybrid dog breed fancy associations around the world.

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