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Photos of the clay pit at Robinson Clay in Pottstown, PA

Robinson Clay Products on Shoemaker Road in Pottstown PA.  Pottsgrove Manor also known as "The Manor" was the neighborhood next to the the Robinson Clay pit.

These aerial pictures were snapped on a flight in a small plane in 1988.

This location has many fond memories for a group of kids that lived directly next to "the pit" in a neighborhood called "the Manor" by those who lived there. 

Pottsgrove Manor and the clay pit 1988
Read my memories of the clay pit here. 


Pottsgrove Manor is the name of the neighborhood next to the site of the former Robinson Clay pit.


Pictures of the clay pit in the early 1980's.  Snapped by my sister.

Sunset over the clay Pit in 1989


             Below Robinson Clay's pit location today.  A Walmart Shopping Center




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