2007 Jeff Daniels Jeep Show - Coverage by Offroaders.com

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Jeep Engines
These Jeep engine pages cover stock Jeep engines, engine swaps, engine performance, and engine rebuilds.

AMC V8 Engines
GEN-1 Nash/Hudson/Rambler V-8s (1956-1966) through to the GEN-3 AMC Tall-deck (1970-1991)


Jeep Engine overview

AMC V8 hp/Torque, Compression & Bore/Stroke by year

Jeep Engine Transmission Axle Options
General Information for Jeep Years 1972 - 1999

Jeep Transmissions
The Jeep transmission pages cover stock Jeep transmissions and transmission swaps in Jeep vehicles.

Jeep Transmission Guide

Transmission Clutch Basics

Jeep Transfer Cases Specs & Mods

Jeep Transfer Case I.D. Chart - 1941-1979 Jeep Vehicles

Jeep Transfer Case Identification
for 1987-2007 Jeep Vehicles

Jeep Transfercases
The Jeep transfer case pages cover stock transfer cases used in Jeeps from 1941 until the present and they cover transfer case upgrades.

Dana 20 with a 2.46:1 Low Range
Combination gears from a Jeep Dana 18 and an older Early Bronco Dana 20 within a Jeep Dana 20 case to yield a 2.46:1 Low Range Dana 20.

Jeep Axles  

Jeep Factory Axle I.D. Chart

TJ Diagnostics Codes

Jeep Technical Info
Engine Swaps

The origin of the term jeep

The origins of the first jeep

Jeep Concept Vehicles Over the Years

Jeep Central Main Page

The Jeep Time Line

Jeep History

The origin of the term jeep

The origins of the vehicle: the first jeep

Jeep Projects

Jeep Engines
Jeep Transmissions
Jeep Transfercases
Jeep Axles

Jeep Transfer Cases
Specs & Mods

Jeep Transmission Guide

TJ Diagnostics Codes

ARB Air Locker Install

Jeep Wide Track Axles Swap

Jeep Dana 300 TeraLow - 4:1 Gearset for the Dana 300 Transfer Case

ARB Air Locker Install

Jeep Wide Track Axles Swap

Biofuels - Making your own Biodiesel Fuel

Producing Alcohol Fuel - The How-to Manual

Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show Highlights
Here are a few highlights from the Jeff Daniel Jeep Show that caught our eye.

Class Winners

Class A: Vintage & Rare - A3 John Rauch
Class B: CJ-8 - B3 Frank Machado
Class C: CJ-7 - C23 Robert Wynings
Class D: Restored & Maintained Original - D9 Zach Craft
Class E: CJ-5 - E5 Roy Bartholomew
Class F: Girl's Jeep - F5 Donna Bartholomew
Class G: Adventure Jeep - G3 Frank Robinson
Class H: Extreme Modification - H4 Stephen Williamson
Class I: YJ Wrangler Stock - I10 Brian Donovan
Class J: YJ Wrangler Modified - J5 Ray Utz
Class K: TJ Wrangler Stock - K11 Evan Frye
Class L: TJ Wrangler Modified - L29 Thomas Corle
Class M: LJ Unlimited Wrangler - M1 Frank Kane
Class N: JK Wrangler - N1 Dylan Stang
Class O: Crossover - O1 Joe Caminiti
Class P: Liberty - P4 Joe Greber
Class Q: FSJ Class - Q1 Scott Barbera
Class R: Grand Cherokee - R3 Angel Lucera
Class S: Cherokee - S6 Matthew Portillo

People's Choice
1st - D10 Robert Murphy
2nd - A4 John Hoffmeister Jr.
3rd - B3 Frank Machado

Raffle Items
Grab Handles & Digital Tire Gauge
Smittybilt 6 Piece Stoneguard Set
Beach Chair
Fabtech Front Tubular Bumper
$50 Gift Certificate to Richter Drafting & Office Supply
$25 Gift Certificate for any Rubicon Express Product
Snatch & Go Tow Strap
Gift Certificate for one Pair of Teraflex Front Sway Bar Disconnects
Snap-On Multi-Function Tool
$50 Gift Certificate to Checkered Flag & T-Shirt
Outland S.S. Entry Guard
$100 Gift Certificate for Quadratec Products
Rausch Creek One Day Free Admission
Smittybilt 6 Piece Stoneguard Set
Bushwacker Fender Flares Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Car to World Wide Stereo
$150 Gift Certificate for Any Advance Adaptor Product
Grab Handles & Digital Tire Gauge
$25 Gift Card to 4 Wheel Drive Hardware
$25 Gift Card for 4 Wheel Drive Hardware
$125 Gift Certificate for Tuffy Security Product
$50 Gift Certificate to Home Depot
Grab Handles & Digital Tire Gauge
Jack Rabbit 50% off Certificate for Service for Any Renewal Certificate & 1-Year Subscription to Low-Range Magazine
Grab Handles & Digital Tire Gauge
Hi-Lift Off Road Kit
Solid Axle Differential Cover Kit
$100 Gift Certificate to Creamery Tire
$100 American Express Gift Card
Snatch & Go Tow Strap
Snatch & Go Tow Strap
Sony AM/FM Compact Disk Player

A Military Presence
Jeep Diesel Conversions

Imagine your Jeep idling across the rocks powered by a Cummins Diesel Engine.  We were very impressed by a few examples of Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing on display and marvel over the possibilities of gobs of low end torque.  How about a TJ with a Jake Brake!

Mike's Race Jeep  

This is Mike Raush's Race Jeep.  Mike works for OK Auto, one of the prime suppliers of 4x4 Parts Accessories and like Jeff Daniel's, custom work.  Mike says he enjoys the weekends abusing his body over the roughest of offroad tracks.  This CJ is equipped to take it even though Mike is not quite sure about how much more he personally can take.


A 12 Second CJ-7

Haulin' the Mail ... In American Style.
6.1 Liter Hemi Grand Cherokee
Hey Look, it's JP Magazine!  Hey guy's, we can't wait to see your coverage of the Show ... in about 4-5 months!
Sticky Lee selling his wares.
Jrations Magazine.  If you haven't read it yet, this really is a great publication.

Don't forget the kids!


Bird catcher

relaxing at the show


Muddy Jeep Girls!


Roy's Toy

Roy and Donna
This Jeep, according to the owner and his wealth of documentation and information, has an all original 1982 Jeep CJ-7 Laredo.  It's nice to see a few Jeeps that are not hacked, and not completely restored but valued just the same.  Very nice and Very Clean.

Follow this link below to Last Year's Jeff Daniels Jeep Show Coverage 2006 Jeep Show




Jeep JT Concept Truck
Could this concept be the one?
See the Jeep JT Pickup Truck


Project CJ-7

The documentation of a several year project building a Jeep CJ-7 piece by piece.  From restoration of stock parts like the frame, body, engine and driveline components to upgraded aftermarket improvements over stock to custom fabrication and design ideas.  Read More
More Jeep Show Coverage:
2007 All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA - Bigger and Better than Ever, the 12th annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York PA proved to be the best yet in it's 12 years with an incredible number of Jeeps, vendors, activities, and action on the course.  Enough to get any Jeep fanatic's blood pumping.  The show was July 21, 22, 2007 Saturday & Sunday and took place at the York Expo Center - York, PA.  Scenes from the Event.

2006 All Breeds Jeep Show - One of our favorite events of the year is the PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show.  In it's 11th year, the show proved to be bigger and better than ever with hundreds of Jeeps on display in the infield as well as on display across the obstacle course. We meet Bree from JP Magazine and the Quadratec catalog.

2005 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage - The 10 Annual PA Jeeps Jeep Show in York PA is something for the Jeep Fan to See.  A Jeep Exclusive Show-n-Shine/Trail Readiness Event.
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Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show 2006 - What better way to cap off a great summer, than with a Jeep show.  Jeff Daniel's held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 30th 2006 and other than a few showers now and then it turned out to be a great show with loads of fun and great Jeeps everywhere!
The Great American Jeep Rally - The 5th Annual Great American Jeep Rally was held at the Four Town Fairgrounds located in Somers Connecticut.

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