Painting Tip: Free Paintbrush and Paint Holder

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Painting Tip #27 – Making that brush on paint job a little easier. 

When you are looking for a container to pour paint into so you can brush it onto your next project, consider this idea.

Dig one of those discarded plastic liquid laundry detergent containers out of the trash, or any container that has a handle molded into it. Carefully cut around the handle and down to within about 3 or 4 inches of the bottom, then around the end opposite the handle leaving a paint tray with a handle extending upward.

Wash it out thoroughly with water to get all the soap (or whatever was in it) out and there you go. A convenient holder with a handle that you can easily carry as you brush the paint or Rhinoliner or POR15 or whatever onto your project as you go. If you find the right container with a larger sized handle, you also get the benefit if a paint brush holder that is right above the paint tray. How nice is that. When you are done, you may like it so much you’ll wash it out to use it again someday. I know I did.