Cleaning an Intake Manifold

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Manufacturer Tech Tip: How Do You Clean Your Aluminum Intake Manifold? — Most intake manifolds are manufactured from a sand cast process utilizing 808 aluminum alloy and have an as-cast finish. As-cast is defined as a raw aluminum finish without any protective coating. As-cast aluminum is porous and can absorb under-hood chemicals such as dirt, grease and fuel, resulting in discoloration, rust, or staining.  

Once a porous aluminum finish is stained, it can be very difficult to find an environmentally safe and effective cleaner that will actually extract the discoloration from the pores of the aluminum. Edelbrock researched to find a safe and effective alternative, and had found an aluminum cleaner option that can work effectively, OxiSolv Aluminum Cleaner. It is important to follow OxiSolv’s instructions to prevent damage to other parts on your engine.

Manufactured by Daubert Cromwell, a manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning products, Evapo-Rust is effective for use in cleaning as-cast aluminum intake manifolds, cylinder heads, and water-pumps when used as directed. Edelbrock does not sell Evapo-Rust, however you can call for assistance at 800-535-3535 or send an email to

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